Exciting, overwhelming & enticing: Why you should visit Tokyo

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The capital city of Japan is a place like no other. If you’ve never been to Tokyo before, stepping into the city and seeing it all for the first time can be an incredible experience. It’s something that you definitely need to make time for in your life.

It can be a daunting trip because of how different the city is to most of the other places you’ve probably been to before. But there are some clear reasons why you should give it a chance, and we’re about to discuss them now.

1) The nightlife is insane

If you want to spend your evenings having fun and letting your hair down, there are few places better suited to you than Tokyo. It’s the kind of place that anyone can enjoy because there’s something for everyone. It can get pretty insane, and some of the experiences are best experienced fresh. But things like karaoke are every popular in Tokyo, so you can try your hand at that while you’re there.

2) There are lots of temples and gardens

The bustle of Tokyo can be pretty tiring and wearing for some people. That’s hard to deny. However, you can always escape to one of the many temples and gardens that you’ll find around and surrounding the city of Tokyo itself. These little pockets of tranquility will be really beneficial to you when you need to slow down and take things easier.

3) It has a culture all of its own

If a big cultural experience is what you’re looking for, Tokyo offers something completely different and unique. The culture here is entirely of its own. There’s nothing quite like it anywhere else on Earth, and you kind of have to experience it for yourself to truly appreciate it. You might never understand it fully, but you sure can enjoy it nonetheless.

4) The transport links are incredible

Getting from A to B couldn’t be simpler in Tokyo. If you choose to stay somewhere like the Tokyo Marriott Hotel or any other hotel in the middle of Tokyo, you’ll be surrounded by simple transport links. And the trains in Tokyo are some of the fastest and most efficient in the world, so getting around won’t be difficult for you at all. It makes the process of visiting the city for the first time that little bit easier.

5) Small bars and restaurants can be found down every side alley

One of the most fun and interesting things about exploring Tokyo is wondering won little side alleys and seeing what you find there. You’ll be surprised by the number of small bars and little traditional restaurants you find in such places, so be sure to explore. This is often where the best social gatherings are and where the best food is found.

Tokyo is one of the strangest and most unique cities on the face of the Earth. It’s one of those places that you simply have to visit at least once in your life, even if you’re not sure that it’s for you. You’ll be surprised by what you find there, and it’ll be an experience like no other; that’s for sure.

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