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As I have previously mentioned, my daughter is very ready to start school. At my last meeting with her preschool teacher she absolutely agreed, and said that they would start working on phonics together soon.

I didn’t have a clue what she meant, because I’m pretty sure we did it differently when I started school, plus I was five myself so my memory of it isn’t that great.

The Book People

Wanting to harness that excitement while she’s so eager, when the Book People approached me to work with them I looked for something that would help me support my daughter’s learning process in a way that will aid rather than confuse matters when she reaches school, and would also be simple for me!

I settled on the ‘Ready to Learn‘ set from Ladybird. The set contains 12 phonics reading books, six activity-filled sticker workbooks (including maths) and two sets of flashcards; one for phonics and one for numbers, and can be used to assist learning alongside school.

The Book People Review (26)

I’ve been a customer of The Book People for a long time. I’m a huge fan of real books, I’ll take them over a kindle any day, and although I may not have a lot of time to read these days both their adult bundles and books for children cannot be beaten for price.

The specific set of books which I chose, which includes 18 books and 2 sets of flash cards, has an RRP of almost £100 but can be bought from their website for £19.99 which is an absolute bargain.

Our ‘The Book People’ experience

Our parcel was dispatched quickly and packaged well; I can’t fault the delivery service. Standard delivery from The Book People is £2.95 or free for orders over £25.

The ‘Ready to Learn’ books themselves are suitable from age 3 so we started off with the second workbook, ‘First Writing Practice’ for ages 4-7 which helped my daughter practice writing letters in a really fun way with stickers and bright pictures.

Her brother has the first workbook which is ‘First Pencil Practice’ for ages 3-5.

The Book People Review: I'm ready to learn writing

My daughter loves the flashcards. Although she knows the letters in her own name the phonics cards contain all the key phonemes, including more complex ones, and examples of how to say them. It makes for a fun little game.

The Book People Review: I'm ready to learn phonics

The maths cards are for learning times tables, and therefore they are a bit above her current level so we will save these until she’s a bit older!

The Book People Review: I'm ready to learn maths flash cards

The phonics books are fun little story books which teach letter sounds using colourful illustrations.

The first book ‘Captain Comet’s Space Party’ focuses on the initial letter sounds and then subsequent books of increasing difficulty teach other sounds. The books are easy to follow, bright, colourful and engaging and will last us some time.

They ‘Ready to Learn’ books are a fabulous buy and well worth the money in my opinion.

The Book People have an enormous collection of books to suit every person and any budget.

To have a look check out their website here.

You can sign up to receive a printed catalogue which is about the only direct mail I look forward to receiving.

They often have special offers including money off and free gifts. You can follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates and to find out about new books.

Disclaimer: I received these books for free for the purposes of this post and was compensated for my time but it does not affect my opinion.

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