Posh Paws Jurassic World two Fallen Kingdom range of Dinosaur soft toys

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I did warn you it might get a little dinosaur-heavy over in the toy corner; for what small boy can resist a dinosaur? Especially a cute and cuddly dino like the new Jurassic World range from Posh Paws.

Although Jurassic World 2: Fallen Kingdom – due for release in cinemas in June – is obviously far too scary for my soon-to-be three year old (sucks to be him, I can’t wait) I knew that these Posh Paws plush toys would be right up his dinosaur-loving street.

Posh Paws dinos

Posh Paws’ Jurassic World 2 range includes 14 inch dinosaurs, huge 21 & 23 inch dinos and smaller bag clips.

We received some sample dinos for review. They are all made from material which looks scaly for added dino-authenticity.

We got a Triceratops and a… Well to be honest I have no idea. My knowledge of dinosaurs obviously isn’t that good.

A 14 inch one of these:

Posh Paws Jurassic World 2 orange dinosaur plush Stygimoloch

Even my son doesn’t know what a Stygimoloch looks like

Suitable from two years, these dinos are big and squidgy dinos are branded with the recognisable Jurassic Park logo and have embroidered eyes and no small parts to choke on. I like the colours of this one – there are also blue and red dinosaurs in the range.

Jurassic park dinosaur toys

We also received a 14 inch triceratops.

Posh Paws Jurassic World 2 dinosaur plush triceratops

This one is my favourite one, and my daughter’s too. I like how squashy he is and that he’s an easily recognisable dino in a sensible dinosaur colour. Everyone loves a triceratops right?

…And a mini t-rex bag clip.

The most fearsome of the terrible lizards, this pocket sized t-rex really isn’t that scary at all.

You can buy the Stygimoloch, Triceratops, and a load of other dinosaurs from Posh Paws here on Amazon. They are also available in Sainsburys.

To find out more about Posh Paws, visit the website here. You can also follow on Facebook and Twitter.

We received these Posh Paws Jurassic World 2 dinosaur Plush Toys free for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are my own.

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