My top tweets collated for posterity (or something close to it)

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I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter.

It’s a great way to banter with people, complain to Ocado when your apples arrive bruised, or inform the world of something your kid just said that you’d probably forget otherwise and was perhaps mildly funny, like the time I had a whole conversation with my two year old son about how his sister was four but he kept insisting that THOR has a hammer. OK, you probably had to be there for that one.

However the biggest problem with Twitter – aside from the fact you can’t edit and that it allows any old idiot or president to spout bile and nonsense – is that even something which you deem a flash of pure brilliance (an occurrence which is quite rare, I fully admit) will go off into the ether. Within a few hours, or if you’re very lucky and it picks up some retweets, days, it will no longer be appearing on timelines; it will be forgotten; existing but unseen. Like the series Joey, but slightly amusing in the right context.

I thought I’d go through some of my past tweets and archive the ‘best’ ones here for… well not quite posterity, but something close to it.


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