How to get a stunning look for your home on a small budget

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You may have thought that finding the right house was the end of it all, the woes of having to deal with loathsome landlords and all that. But a deeper realization means making a pact with all the realities of having found the right house, like the never-ending monthly mortgage payments.

You may not even be halfway through the process of paying off your loans, but you may have become bored with the present state of what’s in your house already. On such occasions, the only way to love your home like the way you should is to provide it with a new look. Alas, a makeover is capable of costing you a fortune.

Here are some suggestions that promise to have a big impact with a small budget:

Have an art attack!

Art can be very expensive. But ask yourself, is it the expensive art that you need? Do you have way too many blank walls in your house? If yes, you need big art prints. If you don’t want to invest in original works by artists because of their sky-rocketing prices, go for abstract prints.

Several vintage markets offer a wide range of big and small abstract prints which can be framed on a do-it-yourself basis at a very minimal cost.

Let there be light!

The fancy glass chandeliers look stunning but also don’t have much practical significance except for their ornamental value, and cost way more than they should. You need to assess the small and big windows of your home deciding what kind of curtains, drapes, shutters or blinds they require.

Shutters are very popular at the moment and they are available as affordable full height, café style, tier on tier and solid types. You may choose from a wide array of varieties once you have properly understood the effect of the level of natural light needed in the existing rooms of your house. It can make all the difference!

Get BIG pieces of furniture (even for the kids)

Children usually get their own bedrooms when they are really tiny but don’t be bothered by the task of buying multiple child-sized furniture pieces because it will slaughter the initial notion of maximising the space. You will need a wardrobe that’s not small but tall, to provide more space to the room and because of its long-term use.

How to get a stunning look for your home on a small budget

The walls and corners have the best utility and a bed higher from the ground will leave room for some extra space beneath. Furthermore, if you wish to, investing in storage solutions can turn out to be a cheaper alternative than buying any real furniture like wooden storage cabinets, etc.

Give the façade a makeover

Repainting windows and doors, clearing off excessive moss with a pressure washer, tidying up the garden and repairing any defective external brickwork; all of these small tasks make a huge difference in the end. If they are done with care, it will greatly improve the appearance and definitely add character to your home.

Being creative with paint colours on the outdoor façade can change the look entirely and probably remains the best option if you are on a budget. Get experimenting!

Go green!

Plants, plants and more plants. It’s time to power up your Scandi design aesthetic game. Textured pots, oversized fern plants, an army of succulents on the mantelpiece, hanging planters, all these will add grace to your home like never before. Indoor plants provide a healthy atmosphere and healthier, better, positive vibes. Small pots will make every nook and corner of your home pass by unnoticed. Mixing up leaf types and sizes for added contrast is always a good idea. Lots and lots of plants in a space, inside your home and in the garden outside, can look fantastic and won’t cost you a lot either. It’s time to create your own little urban jungle indoors!

Whatever you end up doing with the things in your house, always remember there’s no point in adding new items until you get rid of the old ones that are no longer in use. Having too many items will result in the space looking way too small and restrictive. The key to an appealing house is to let all the spaces in between breathe freely!

How to get a stunning look for your home on a small budget indoor plants

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