Make bubbles easily with Glove-a-Bubbles: A review

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This is a post from Sam, co-founder of Dafuq Is Dis and SEN Mummy of 3 boys Alex (9, ASD & ADHD), Foley (6, PDA) and Harrison (3). She works with me looking at the weird and wonderful side of the internet as well as testing toys for older children or items for children with additional needs. She thought these Glove-a-Bubbles would be right up her boys’ street!

Kids love bubbles and being able to make bubbles themselves is the best thing ever; that is until they get bored of having to blow their own bubbles and it falls to you to keep their bubble-filled dreams alive.

So, when I was given the chance to test and review Zing Toys’ new Glove-a-Bubbles I couldn’t resist. After all, the boys had been singing about them non-stop since they first caught the ad on TV.

Glove-a-Bubble Review

If you’re one of the lucky ones not surrounded by kids TV all day let me tell you about Glove-a-Bubbles.

They’re a completely new way to play with bubbles. Each one of the eight different Glove-a-Bubble designs comes with its own bubble pouch and two packets of bubble mix.

To get maximum bubbles you probably want to use both packets but the pouch is reusable and any other bubble mix will do the same job next time.

Then, you need to pop the Glove-a-Bubble on and dip the top, hole-filled, section into the bubble mix before waving the glove around to make lots of bubbles.

Glove-a-Bubble Review

Glove-a-Bubble Review

For this Glove-a-Bubbles review, I let all three of my boys try them out. This part is where the youngest struggled the most; the gloves are very big and little hands might not be able to dip it into the bag of bubble mix at all.

Both the older boys managed to get a decent amount of mix on to the Glove-a-Bubble.

Glove-a-Bubble Review

Alex got lots of bubbles on his first try, though Foley went a little too quickly and was less successful. Frantic waving isn’t the key here and young children may struggle if they get too excited!

Glove-a-Bubbles Review

Foley thoroughly enjoyed himself for much longer than I expected, despite not getting a great number of bubbles. In fact, all the boys had great fun with them and haven’t stopped talking about them since.

Luckily, Glove-a-Bubble gloves are made of thick plastic so we can reuse them again and again.

Boy 3 still can’t quite get the hang of using Glove-a-Bubbles so relies on his older brothers for bubble fun.

I’d say most children under 5 they wouldn’t be able to play with Glove-a-Bubble independently. However, they’re a great outdoor toy for times when a bubble machine or bubble mix and a wand simply won’t do and slightly older kids will love them!


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Where to buy

The Glove-a-bubble gloves have an RRP of £3.99 each and can be bought from most good toy shops including Amazon using the affiliate link below.

You can find out more about Glove-a-bubbles range on the Zing Toys website. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Sam received the Glove-a-bubbles free of charge for the purposes of this review, but all opinions and photographs are her own.

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