Celebrating all your family’s achievements

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From your baby’s first tooth to their first day at school, you’ll often go the extra mile to celebrate these achievements, no matter how small they may seem to others.

However, as life takes over, more kids come along and work gets busier, you can often let these achievements pass by without recognition.

But taking time to celebrate every achievement or special occasion is imperative to building a strong foundation as a family.

So here are some key things you should celebrate:

Academic (and work) achievements

You’d always praise the kids for their A* homework, so why let things change as they get older?

While they might not appreciate a golden sticker on their wall chart so much, a pat on the back or a well done from mum and dad will go a long way. And when bigger achievements arise, e.g. graduation or a promotion at work, why not turn this into an excuse to arrange a family get together, even if it’s just a meal at their favourite restaurant?

Make a fuss on their birthdays

Remember those sleepless nights you’d all have the day before your child’s birthday because they were so excited?

Well, why should anything change now?

Granted, they might not be jumping into your bed at stupid o’clock in the morning but, as much as they maybe don’t let on, they’ll probably still enjoy being spoilt for the day!

So bake their favourite cake, surprise them with thoughtful gifts and throw a party for them (maybe forgo the magician this time, though?). They’re sure to appreciate this nod back to their childhood.

And don’t forget important anniversaries!

While your marriage may become the stable foundation that’s in the background of all your family’s achievements, try to make sure you take some time to celebrate and enjoy your anniversaries – especially those momentous ones!

Appreciating yours and your partner’s commitment to each other is imperative to the success of your family, so why not mark a landmark occasion with something extra special, e.g. an eternity ring from somewhere like F. Hinds? These are also a wonderful (and altogether traditional) idea for when your first baby’s born.

Family time is so important, which is why celebrating those key achievements (and the smaller ones) are the perfect excuse to enjoy some family time together and take some time to appreciate one another and the fantastic relationships you have.

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