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Last week we were on holiday.

We had a long, boring, wet (did I mention long?)  journey home which meant the kids were really excited to find this Casdon Self-Service Supermarket on the doorstep.

More accurately, it was a fairly soggy box containing the 75 parts to build a Casdon Self-Service Supermarket, including the checkout, the basket, food and money.

The base is of the Casdon Self Service Supermarket Checkout is made from three parts.

These slot together and then attach to the checkout counter. The scanner comes ready assembled and you pop it into the counter.

Casdon Self Service Supermarket Checkout (20)

My top tip would be to wait until the kids are in bed before opening the box. If it’s a birthday or Christmas present then make sure it’s already assembled before you wrap it it to avoid disappointment, as it does take a little time to put together, even if it’s not that difficult (and instructions are included of course).

Including sticking the stickers on and assembling the cardboard boxes of food together, it probably takes about forty minutes, and small hands really don’t help much.

Casdon Self Service Supermarket Check out

Once it’s done, you can fully stock the shelves with accurate mini products that they will recognise from your own kitchen cupboards and freezer.

Casdon Self Service Supermarket Checkout (20)

Once the checkout and parts are assembled, you need to insert 3 AAA batteries to make the scanner work. It works on a light sensor so that when objects are passed in front of it, it beeps just like a real scanner! There are two noise levels so it doesn’t have to be overly annoying for you to hear constantly.

You can put coins in to pay and they will be dispensed when you press the change button. You can also use the included credit card to pay using the chip and pin machine which beeps just like a real machine. The only real difference is that it doesn’t constantly shout at you about having items in the bagging area.

Lastly you can tear off a receipt, which I’ll be honest, probably won’t last very long in this house.

Casdon Self Service Supermarket Check Out

What did we think of the Casdon Self Service Supermarket Checkout?

Both children (4.5 and nearly 3) were really excited to play with it. They love playing shops and this toy means that neither of them have to be the shopkeeper which is the boring bit (which is why I usually have to do it).

They loved scanning the food and feeding coins into the slot although I kept telling my youngest that you can only put three or four coins in before pressing the return button so that it doesn’t get jammed.

Casdon Self Service Supermarket Checkout

I’d love to say that they played with it harmoniously but that would be an untruth; they never really do.

However it is a great toy to encourage independent play, and as there is no need for mum to play shopkeeper I’m all over it.

Any downsides to the Casdon Self Service Supermarket Checkout?

I’m not the world’s best at sticking fiddly price stickers on and it would be good to have a few spare stickers included as one or two are a bit lumpy and bumpy now. Oops.

Although the cardboard boxes are fairly sturdy I can’t tell you how long they’ll actually last for being mistreated as small children tend to do. They’re that bit older now so I hope they do take care of it.

Our scanner was a bit iffy; it seemed to work better in artificial light.

The checkout is fairly big and doesn’t come apart for storage so you will need a corner to keep it in, as it won’t fold into a box etc.

The checkout itself isn’t as robust as a till that we already have and there is no where to keep the money, like a till drawer.

All in all though, the Casdon Self Service Supermarket Checkout is a great toy with a lot of imaginative play potential.

Casdon Casdon Self Service Supermarket Checkout

The Casdon Self Service Supermarket Checkout has an RRP of £40 and can be bought from most good toy shops including Amazon using the affiliate link below.

You can find out more on the Casdon website. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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We received this Casdon Self Service Supermarket Checkout free for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are my own. 

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