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One of the best things about having children is that if you can’t find a suitable gift then a picture always make a great present for a relative (and if it doesn’t they’ll be too polite to say so).

With this in mind, when tasked to find a suitable present for my grandad on his 98th birthday I thought a picture of his oldest two great-grandchildren would be nice, as we live quite far away and sadly don’t get to visit very often.

CanvasChamp offered me the chance to review one of their 12inch x 8inch canvases.

That’s just slightly thinner than and as long as an A4 piece of paper, and I thought it would be just the thing.

I went through my archives to pick a suitably arty photo:

Canvas Champ review - original picture

Well, it might not be artistically brilliant but it definitely sums my two up!

The way the CanvasChamp website works is that you choose the product (there is a whole range including framed and acrylic prints). You upload your image, which you can do from your computer or by linking your Facebook, Google Photo gallery or Instagram account. You then select the size you’d like, including custom sizes, the finish you want etc. Crop and position your image, and once you’ve confirmed it all and paid it’s ready to be sent.

The cost of this particular canvas would be £7.19, so not very much at all. There is free shipping on orders over £40.

The printed canvas arrived within one week.

It’s actually difficult to get a photo of the canvas as it has a shiny finish which looks nice but doesn’t photograph too well, but here it is up on the wall.

CanvasChamp review - printed canvas

Canvas Champ review - printed canvas

In reality, the colours are a lot deeper and richer and accurate to the original photograph.

CanvasChamp review - printed canvas

The back shows where the canvas is stapled to the wooden frame, it’s very taught and the corners are well folded. There is a hanging hook already supplied so it can go straight up on to the wall!

CanvasChamp review - printed canvas (back)

I hope he’s going to love it. It is certainly a very easy gift to make and not badly priced too!

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out the CanvasChamp website. You can also follow on Facebook or Twitter.

You can WIN a small 10x8inch canvas from CanvasChamp!

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Win! 10x8inch canvas print from CanvasChamp
This is a collaborative post and I was sent this canvas free of charge in exchange for this post.


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