Top tips for making your camper or caravan toddler-friendly

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If camping’s not really your style, even when ‘glamping’, then maybe going on a camper or caravan holiday will suit you better.

This way you get most of the essential facilities you need (bathroom, kitchen and an actual bed), just in a more compact, portable space.

Many kids will love the adventure of staying over in a caravan, though some may be a bit put off by the change at first. Whether you’ve just bought your own or are renting, there are a few ways to ensure the camper or caravan is toddler-friendly.

Choose the right camper/caravan

You’ll need to decide between a caravan and campervan first.

The former is usually a cheaper option though you need a car with a tow bar, while the latter may be more costly it will be easier to drive. One more affordable option is to convert an old van into a camper with the right equipment. Whichever you choose, a few factors will help you decide if a model is right for your needs or not:

  • Size: to ensure there’s enough space for everyone
  • Weight: so that your car is capable of towing the caravan
  • Layout: ensuring appropriate sleeping arrangements
  • Condition: you need it to be reliable

Safety features

Anyone using a caravan should have safety concerns and check that there is a smoke alarm installed that works, alongside a carbon monoxide detector. A fire extinguisher and fire blanket are essential too, as even the smallest fire could see the whole thing catch alight.

When you’ve got young children it can be advisable to install a safety gate at the door, to avoid them escaping or falling down the few stairs. Any heaters should have guards round them as well, to prevent nasty burns.

Pack plenty of toys

For those who own a camper or caravan, decorate the children’s bedroom in familiar patterns and style to help them feel more at home. Anything they usually have should be present here, such as a nightlight and their favourite toys.

Think of the caravan as your new home for however many nights your trip lasts, so remember to pack whatever’s flavour of the month. It could be a certain colouring book, game or cuddly toy. Without these you could be in for a rough couple of days with an unhappy toddler (or two).


Useful extras

If you’ve got a toddler going through potty training then remember to bring this and put it in the bathroom. An awning can be a useful addition to create some extra space outside which can be used as a kind of playpen and get them out from under your feet when cooking.

Plastic cutlery and plates give a real sense of the camping experience. Look for some that can be used in a microwave (and take along a microwave too) for some quick and easy warm meals, especially if you have some fussy eaters on your hands.

These tips should make your first camper or caravan holiday with a toddler run fairly smoothly. If you’ve already been caravanning with a toddler, what pieces of advice would you suggest?

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