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It is one of the tragedies of modern day life that we no longer print photographs.

Despite taking silly amounts of pictures, and even having a good number of empty photo frames which we buy every time we go to Ikea, getting around to the printing and hanging seems to be something we can put back indefinitely.

Case in point; the majority of pictures we have hung in our front room are of our wedding (eight years ago) of of our now four year old as a baby. Her brother doesn’t feature very much; not because we don’t like him (as I fear he might believe) but because we have been pretty busy since he came along.

Anyway, with our new bedroom complete, it seemed a good time to get decorating the walls with family mementos. It was looking very stark.

With excellent timing, I was asked to review the website

Firstly, I took the kids out and attempted to get a nice photo of them both.

Not the easiest, I assure you, particularly when they appear to have learned their facial expressions from the Cherie Blair school of smiling. However, thanks to my friend Lisa jumping around like a loon off-camera, I managed to get this one which I thought was alright! review

We went for a simple framed photo measuring 60cm x 40cm. You can choose from eight frames with different wood finishes; we went for white to fit in with the white furniture in our bedroom.

For this product, you upload the picture you would like framed, position it, press OK and then they do the rest!

So what did we think of

Our framed print arrived within one week, very securely packaged and in excellent condition with no damage to it at all despite the box having taken a few knocks. online prints (22)

Once unwrapped, I was impressed with the quality of the print; it was much better than anything we could have done at home.

It was framed well and ready to hang with all the fittings included although these were loose and not attached to the frame. online prints (1) online prints (3)

Have we hung it?

Well… No. Not yet.

My excuse is that it needs both of us to be there so one can drill the hole and the other can hold the vacuum cleaner underneath… But it’s been in the room for a week and I love it!

Given the size of the room the print, although large, is not too imposing and is actually a great fit.

We will definitely look at getting a few more similar sized prints if and when I can get a decent photo of the two of them smiling – if that ever happens again! review of online framed photographs, canvasses and prints

The price of this framed print would be £39.90, however we were sent it free of charge for the purposes of this post. also have a range of canvases and photo gifts and their prices are very competitive.

Check out their photo prints on wood and acrylic prints for something a bit different to bring colour to your walls.

They offer free delivery on orders over £45.

Get 10% off at

Using promotion code WHINGEWINE10 to receive 10 % off to ALL already discounted CANVAS PRINT formats from (so, in total making up to 87 % discount!) until: 18.05.2018.

If you want to see their range, then take a look at their website. I’ve found that signing up to alerts gets me a lot of special offers via email.

Follow them on Twitter or Facebook for more!

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