Fun ways to get your kids involved in decorating their bedrooms

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If your children are old enough, letting them help you to redecorate their rooms can be a lot of fun. It is also a great way to start to teach your child skills that will enable them to create a nice home when they become adults.

Most children enjoy being creative. Plus, they like to help and learn how to do something new. Here are a few ways you can get even quite young children involved in re-decorating their rooms.

Let them choose their bedding

In no time at all kids develop personal tastes. They fall in love with a particular book, toy or TV show. So, letting your child choose their own bedding is a great way to get them involved. Retailers like sell a really good selection, so it is usually quite easy for you and your child to find something they really like.

Put some of their artwork on the wall

Most children like to paint or draw and do so from a very early age. Putting something that they have created up on their walls is a great way to encourage a child to be more creative.

You can simply hang their pictures up using Blu-Tac or take things to the next level and frame them. If they, or you, particularly like a specific painting or drawing another alternative is to get it turned into a professional quality print. It does not cost much to do and they can also make excellent presents for grandparents.

If that idea does not appeal, instead, consider having a photo they have taken turned into a work of art for their room. Or, if you prefer, have it turned into a wall sticker.

Fun ways to get your kids involved in decorating their bedrooms

Create a blackboard

Another approach is to turn one of the walls in their room into a giant blackboard. This is surprisingly easy to do. It is not something all children will like, but being able to create a huge work of art on their bedroom wall is something that will appeal to a lot of children. Plus, of course, it does not necessarily have to be a blackboard. These days you can buy very big whiteboards meaning that your child can use pens instead of chalk to create their works of art.

Make some decorative items with them

Making other small decorative items like wall hangings, Lego models or kit cars is another way to get them involved. Most children like to display things in their room, so will love the idea of being able to make these decorative items themselves. If you are looking for ideas, this post is a great place to find craft projects that you and your child could do together to produce decorative items for the home.

Fun ways to get your kids involved in decorating their bedrooms

Let them help you to paint

The next time you paint your child´s room, consider letting them help if they’re old enough to be trusted!

Initially, you will have to supervise them very closely. But, children learn fast, so in a relatively short space of time, they can become quite good at painting walls. They can pain or roller the bottom half of the wall while you do the rest. It is a lot more fun than doing all of that painting on your own and may even save you a bit of time, although I advise giving them the spots behind radiators or furniture!

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