4 reasons why it might be time to visit the dentist

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When you’ve got a dental appointment looming, it seems that six months just fly by! Many of us dread heading to the dentist when we’re kids but even as adults we seem to avoid a sit in the dentists’ chair.

Good oral health is imperative if you want fresh breath, strong healthy teeth and general feeling of good health and wellbeing. But when you avoid the dentist then you become susceptible to all kids of dental problems. Here, we’ll look at signs that you might need to make an appointment with your dentist.

Tooth Pain

Ouch! Toothache can be extremely debilitating and when it’s left untreated you’re simply making the matter worse. The pain might reside after a few days, but this doesn’t always mean that the problem has gone; if you have an infection, it might be spreading, and you’ll be reaching for the pain killers again in a few days. Pain in a tooth can be the result of all kinds of things, including tooth decay, a cracked tooth or something else. Leave tooth pain untreated and you could be heading to Weybridge Dental for Root Canal Treatment.

Your gums are inflamed

Do your gums look swollen or are they red and painful? The condition of your gums is a tell-tale sign of your general oral health, and inflamed, angry looking gums is the result of a build-up of hardened plaque under your gum line – ouch! If you want to avoid gingivitis or the possibility of loosing a tooth, then make an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible!


It’s a lovely hot day and you’re treating yourself to a well-earned ice cream, or a cool glass of ice water but – ouch! One mouthful and you’re regretting it! Sensitivity to hot and cold food and drinks is relatively common, however, if you’re experiencing increased sensitivity to hot and cold then you should speak with your dentist. The increased sensitivity you’re experiencing might be caused by tooth decay – which affects the surface of your teeth in its early stages. However, as the problem goes untreated, the problem advances and the centre of your tooth – with all its nerves and blood vessels – is exposed to the hot and cold.

If this sounds like you, make an appointment straight away!



Even though suffering from headaches is quite common, so few people realise that headaches and oral health are closely related. If you’re suffering from headaches, regularly and particularly on a morning then you should speak to your dentist. Morning headaches could be the result of you grinding your teeth at night or you clenching your jaw.

If this is the case, your dentist can have a mouth guard created just for you for you to wear on a night. This should help alleviate your headaches.


Taking care of your oral health is crucial to your overall health! Try to brush at least twice a day and floss where possible. Visit your dentist regularly and follow their advice.

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