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You want your graduate to have the perfect celebration party, but you don’t have time to make the perfect graduation cake?

Don’t let that discourage you. We’ve put together a list of top Walmart graduation cakes that are sure to make a good impression on your graduate’s big day.

Let’s face it. A celebration just isn’t a celebration without a cake. It adds to the joyfulness of any celebration with its decorative appearance and its delicious taste. You may have heard the saying, “A party without cake is just a meeting”. This is where the top Walmart graduation cakes come in handy. You might have the tendency to start worrying about the prices, but it’s not the case, as they are suitable for any budget. Check out the prices for Walmart graduation cakes so you can convince by yourself that there is no reason at all to have concerns.

1. Personalized Round Chocolate Cake

Another top seller is the Personalized Round Chocolate Cake. If you like chocolate, you are sure to love this one. This cake is personalized to have your graduates picture on top and is decorated with icing that matches the schools colors. Customizations even allow for options such as whipped icing and non-dairy icing. Want to take it up a notch higher? Just add some Bavarian filling inside the cake and it will be a masterpiece perfect for a graduation celebration.

2. White Cake with Buttercream Icing

One of the Top seller is the White Cake with Buttercream icing. This is a very popular choice out of the Walmart graduation cakes. A sheet cake is always a great option, as it is a large cake that fits nicely into any budget. Another benefit to the sheet cake is that it has a large area for customizable decorating. Whether you want “Class of ….” written out across the top, some fun little trinkets like graduation cap decorations, or a photograph of the graduate scanned into an edible image and transferred right onto the top of your cake, this sheet cake can accommodate you. How awesome is that?

3. Sheet Graduation Cake

Ordering a sheet cake from Walmart is so simple that you will be amazed of how easy you accomplished the task of getting the perfect graduation cake. Walmart has designed a process to give their customer flexible options to make their cake ordering process a painless and easy experience. As with most bakeries, you are not able to custom order the cake online. However, you are able to print out the Bakery Order Form, fill it out and bring it into your nearest Walmart bakery to have them fill your graduation cake order. If you are unable to print the form, you can also go to your nearest Walmart bakery and place your order directly there. For them to better serve you, they do ask that customers order at least 24 hours in advance. This way the bakery can ensure you will receive your graduation cake on time for the big celebration.

Graduating is a great achievement that deserves to be celebrated with joy and happiness. It is a moment full of feelings of accomplishment, pride, and relief. Take the unnecessary pressure of cake making off your plate for that day and order one of the top Walmart graduation cakes for the big day instead. Let Walmart’s bakery do the baking, so you can genuinely enjoy that wonderful moment of accomplishment and celebration with your graduate on their big day.

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