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Keeping your little one’s bedroom neat and tidy may be difficult, but it’s much easier after you’ve had a thorough spring clean.

With Christmas way behind us and spring on its way, it’s time to focus on throwing out those clothes that haven’t fit for over a year and making room for some new items.

Whether you’re looking to completely spring clean the whole room from top to bottom, or you simply want to make a few key changes, these useful tips will help you to achieve a tidier bedroom for your child or children.

Clothing clear-out

One of the biggest problems with children’s bedrooms may seem like the toys, but it’s actually more often than not the clothes that accumulate over the years and never get thrown away.

There’s always some reason for holding onto little clothes, whether that’s incase you have another child further down the line, you know someone who’ll appreciate them or even the intention to take them to the charity shop, but you can rest assured they more often than not stay in the wardrobe for far too long.

Children grow so quickly, so it’s always worth sorting through their wardrobes and chests of drawers every few months to gather up any clothes they’ve outgrown or simply don’t wear, and then you can decide what to do with them from there. This will help to clear out loads of space for new clothes, as well as lightening the space, making it easier for your child to put their clothes away neatly.

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Organising toys

It doesn’t matter how often you tidy the toys away, you can guarantee they’ll be scattered around the house again in no time at all.

When it comes to organising your little ones toys you need to be firm with yourself. It’s so easy to hold on to old toys that you think your child may play with one day, especially when they’re buried at the bottom of an oak blanket box, but deep down you’re only keeping them because you don’t want them to grow up and play with older toys.

Make sure you sort the toys into piles, one being toys your child couldn’t live without and the other being a pile for the charity shop or to hand down to other children.

Sort through the toys and figure out exactly what is age appropriate, played with frequently and liked by your little one and then you can put the rest into your ‘new home’ pile. This will help make room for new toys, but also make it much easier when it comes to tidying the bedroom.

Appropriate educational touches

Once you’re happy that the bedroom itself is clear of all rubbish and clutter, with any outgrown clothes on their way to the charity shop and a general tidy up of the room being successful, you can start to think about the educational touches within the room.

If your child has posters that were aimed to help them learn the alphabet or their times tables, but they’re past that stage now and the posters are aimed at a younger audience, then now is the time to pull them down and replace them with some appropriate posters to help them now.

Similarly, you may want to add some new books to the bookcase for them to read, which may have challenging words or phrases to help them practice at bed time.

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