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The children have often asked for a trampoline, even more so after that trip to the trampoline park, but I wasn’t keen on filling the entire garden with one, not least because it’s on a slope and would probably end very badly indeed. Besides, it’s not really been outdoor weather recently.

Luckily, to the rescue came My Rebounder who make premium quality children’s mini trampolines.

My Rebounder is a family run business, whose aim is to get children active!

Their 40″ trampolines, which are suitable for children between 3 and 7 years old and tested to the relevant safety standards, can be used inside or out, and then packed away easily for storage (they are 7cm wide and 102cm tall when collapsed).

The My Rebounder mini trampolines come in a choice of blue or pink.

My rebounder rebounding trampette

Although I love the bold colour choices and think they’ll appeal to children much more than boring black or grey, personally I would have liked something a bit more neutral (red or green maybe?!) as it was for my two to share and while one is a pink fanatic, the other loves blue, and they do love to fight over things… So I tossed a coin and blue it was.

It arrived very quickly!

What’s in the box?

The trampoline frame and jumping mat come already assembled in one piece, with the outer cover, rubber caps and rubber feet, and a storage bag to pack it away into. Oh, and some instructions!

It’s really easy to put together, even for someone as inept as me.

My Rebounder children's trampoline (91)

(Note that the black elastic, there to keep the legs in place when they’re folded down, is actually meant to removed first but I’m a maverick who doesn’t read instructions properly so just imagine it’s not there).

The legs go through the holes in the cover and then snap upwards into place.

A little bit of advice; the black stoppers which go on the end of the springs can come off quite easily. I would advise a little bit of superglue inside each one before you put it on, so they don’t pop off and get lost, as these stop the edges of the spring, which are hard and could be sharp, from having any contact with your little one’s feet!

We first set the My Rebounder mini trampoline up indoors.

It doesn’t take up a really obnoxious amount of room and the children liked to go over and bounce on it periodically.

My Rebounder mini trampoline

Have you got any idea how hard it is to take a decent photograph of a child bouncing on a trampoline in low light? Very, that’s how hard.

My Rebounder children's trampoline (39)

My Rebounder mini trampoline

However after a while they started to store toys their on it, which made it difficult to bounce on, so I thought we would try it again in the garden.

Fortunately it’s really easy to move about, weighing around 10kg.

My Rebounder children's trampoline (100)

What are the benefits of a My Rebounder mini trampoline?

Rebounding is a great way to exercise and bouncing on a mini trampoline is a brilliant way for kids to burn off excess energy, even when they can’t get outside. It also helps them increase their strength and co-ordination.

Above all although, it’s fun and will appeal to children; I don’t think I’ve met a kid yet that doesn’t love a trampoline. By having one in the house, if you can keep it clutter free, then they will probably use it regularly.

The cost of the My Rebounder is £89.95 which isn’t cheap, although similar to other premium quality rebounders and it is certified as safe for children due to the size of the springs.

My Rebounder children's trampoline

Can I (the parent) use a My Rebounder mini trampoline?

You’re not supposed to, because officially the mini trampolines have been cleared for use by children up to 25kg which is a limit set by the EU Toy Safety Guidelines.

However they are very similar in quality to adult rebounders and no one is stopping you, just don’t hurt yourself you wally.

Where can I get a My Rebounder mini trampoline?

You can purchase a My Rebounder here in their online store for £89.95 including free UK shipping (mainland only).

You can follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Would you like to win a My Rebounder mini trampoline?

Enter our competition below to win a My Rebounder worth £89.95 in a choice of pink or blue!

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We received the My Rebounder mini trampoline for free for the purposes of this review, but words and pictures are my own.

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