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*** It looks like the BKD Mini Bakers Club has ceased trading. I’m keeping the review live, because it was lovely – if maybe a little pricey for our own budget – and almost a year on my daughter mentions her three months of being a member. ***

You can get a subscription box for everything nowawdays. From gardening to wine, there’s one for everyone.

There are loads out there for children too!

One such children’s subscription box is the Mini Baker’s Club from BKD.

Something that may be familiar if you watch Dragons’ Den, each month the Mini Baker’s Club send out a box of sweet treats to bake in a themed box, which also contains crafts and activities suitable for children from around 3 years old.

This month, the Mini Baker’s Club box was Easter themed.

The box surprisingly fit through the letter box; it has address details on one side and on the lid it is personalised so if your child is old enough to recognise their name they will know exactly who it’s for!

Mini Baker's Club box fits through the letterbox

Inside were all the dry ingredients needed to make and decorate ten Hot Cross Bun cakes, as well as craft bits to decorate the eggs (whch you have to supply, along with the butter and equipment) and cress seeds to grow inside them.

There was a little booklet which contains the cooking and craft instructions as well as information on how plants grow, and a ‘naked egg’ experiment!

Baking Hot Cross Bun cupcakes

To make the cupcakes, as mentioned you need to supply the eggs and butter as well as kitchen equipment.

There was a handy checklist which my oldest used to make sure everything was there before we started.

Mini Baker's Club checklist

The instructions were very easy to follow.

The dry cake mix came pre-mixed in a packet so all there was left to do was to add in the eggs, butter and raisins to the packet mix and stir, before putting the cake batter into the cupcake cases supplied.

Mini Baker's Club mixing the cake

…And putting them into a preheated oven.

Mini Baker's Club - baking tray in the oven

Meanwhile, we followed the instructions and made our little egg shell creatures.

Although I didn’t have any marker pens handy to draw on the features I don’t think we did too bad a job…

Mini Baker's Club - Eggshell creatures

There is a little observation diary in the booklet so that we can record how the cress grows.

That done, it was time to take our buns out of the oven to decorate!

Mini Baker's Club finishing cakes

A quick glaze of jam and then a cross in icing later, they were ready to test.

Mini Baker's Club
The cupcakes went down very well indeed. My daughter said they were delicious! Fortunately there was a recipe card inside the kit with instructions on how to make the cakes from scratch without the packet mix, as well as another recipe for chocolate nests which will be a great wheat-free Easter treat.

How much does the BKD Mini Baker’s Club cost?

The club costs £9.99 for a single month which can be cancelled at any time. You can save money by purchasing longer subscriptions of 3 months (£27.99), 6 months (£53.94) or 12 months (£107.88). Delivery of each box is £1.99 in the UK and there is a free gift in your 4th, 7th and 10th boxes.

Mini Baker's Club hot cross bun cupcake

What did we think of the Mini Baker’s Club?

My daughter really enjoyed making the cakes; she does love baking and I must be honest I don’t do a lot of it with her. Firstly (and probably most importantly) because of the mess, secondly because there is always one ingredient we don’t have to hand and it’s not worth bundling both kids in the car when one of them can’t even eat cake anyway.

However this little batch was really easy to make with very little weighing and measuring of ingredients and as a result, not too much mess. There aren’t too many and I’m quite sure they will definitely get eaten up!

The crafts were a nice touch (I don’t do enough crafting either, for the same reason…) and although she showed no interest in the part of the booklet which showed you how plants grow (she’s four, I don’t really blame her. Photosynthesis is a long word) a slightly older child might get a bit more out of this. For her, she was really all about the cakes.

All in all, it’s a fun little idea, if maybe a little on the pricey side for a cake kit, so personally I would only purchase it as a gift rather than as something to do with my own children until they were old enough to do the rest of the activities and exercises in the leaflet.

It has however inspired me to get into the kitchen more with them, because they seem to enjoy it and also I really like cake.

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We were sent this Mini Baker’s Club subscription box free for the purposes of our video but all words and pictures are mine.


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