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What are Lumo Stars?

Lumo Stars are the newest plush toy trend!

From Finnish toy company Tactic Games, the Northern Brights collection of Lumo Stars are inspired by Nordic mythology!

They are full of character and have lovely soft fur, a squishy body with stuffing and beans in their bums, and big, shiny, reflective eyes that it’s difficult to capture on camera. They are cute and cuddly little pals that your children will want to collect.

Lumo stars eyes

Not just your standard teddy bear, the range includes bright, multicoloured creatures including cats and dogs but also reindeer, wolves and hedgehogs!

We were sent three Lumo Stars; Winter the Lynx, Lunni the Puffin and a Lumo Stars mini with keychain, Peach the cat (who I thought until now was a chihuahua. My bad).

Lumo stars mini peach

Although all of our Lumo Stars are ‘normal’ coloured, each animal comes in three different colours, including crazy bright colours!

You can see the whole range of Lumo Stars soft toys here.

Lumo Stars cuddly toys

There’s also a Lumo Stars app.

Each toy comes with a little star-tag and inside there is a code.

Lumo Stars Review labels with QR code for App

The free app, which can be downloaded for iPhone or Android, scans the code, downloading your Lumo Star. Then your child can feed, play with, dress and look after their new pet – a bit like an old school Tamagotchi!

There are also four little mini games you can play to earn stars, which you can use to ‘buy’ accessories.

Lumo stars app

It’s a fun little app, easy to play, and will appeal to small children. My daughter particularly liked dressing up her Lumo Stars.

It’s a good one to keep on your phone in case of emergency (such as lunch taking too long). You can’t make any in-app purchases so it’s safe for your little one to play with.

Playing Lumo Stars App - What are Lumo Stars?

At the moment, the app is a little bit glitchy on my phone and needs to be turned off and on sometimes. It wouldn’t share the pictures via email and sometimes it was hard to select a character we’d already scanned in. However it has been updated since I downloaded it so I imagine these issues will all be ironed out soon.

The plush toy range range includes collectable Mini, Classic and Big cuddly toys (RRP £3.99 to £12.99) and they are available from all good toy shops including Amazon here.

To find out more information and see the different characters, visit the Lumo Stars website. You can follow Tactic Games on Facebook and Twitter.

We received these Lumo Stars soft toys for free for the purposes of this review but the words and pictures are mine. 

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What are Lumo Stars Lumo Stars are the newest plush toy trend from Finland! From Finnish toy company Tactic Games, the Northern Brights collection of Lumo Stars soft toys are inspired by Nordic mythology! Download the Lumo Stars app and play!#LumoStars #Apps #KidsApps #Parenting #Toys

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