Light up your world with the Glimmies Aquaria: Review of the Glimsplash Playset

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For the unacquainted, Glimmies are little fairy-like creatures that light up in the dark.

Glimmies Aquaria are very similar, except that they light up on contact with water.

Glimmies Glimsplash Aquaria and dolls

The Glimsplash is a new underwater playset for Glimmies Aquaria, and we were sent one to review.

The Glimsplash playset from Flair is a wave-shaped home for your Glimmies, comes with one Glimmie Aquaria, Perlika, who is the pale pink Queen of Aquaria.

Glimmies Aquaria Glimsplash playset (6)

Glimmies Aquaria dolls

The Glimmies Aquaria dolls are colourful 6cm mermaids with sparkly tails and big eyes. They come with 3 x LR44 batteries included. Their tails are solid and weighted so that they sink in the water and stay lit up.

They come in single blister packs and can be bought separately at an RPP of £4.99 each; there are eight single dolls to collect all with different colours, hair styles and features. We got Lagoonia (pink) and Abyssia (blue).

Glimmies Aquaria Abyssia and Lagoonia

There are an additional nine ‘exclusive’ dolls to collect, including Perlika, and six who come with a ‘Glimquarius’; an individual Glimmie home.

The dolls can be submerged up to 1m deep so they are perfect for use as bath toys which is great; we’ve recently had a big clear out of slightly mouldy looking bath toys so these will soften the blow somewhat!

They let off a good amount of light and can make the whole bath light up, particularly if there isn’t too much artificial light in the room!

I’m not going to say it’s sensible to let children have a bath in the dark, but it’s certainly fun for a few minutes.

Glimmies Aquaria review - underwater

When you take them out of the bath, the water quickly drains through holes and the light goes out again, like magic!

Glimmies Aquaria

The Glimsplash Playset

The Glimsplash Playset, which has an RRP of £19.99, is the home of the Glimmies Aquaria folk, and comes in one large piece with a small bag of plastic leaves which you can slot into spaces on the base.

Glimmies Aquaria Glimsplash Playset review with Perlika
The lid, shaped like a wave, is hinged so that you can lift it up, fill it with water and then pop your Glimmies inside where they will light up making an enchanted underwater world.

Glimmies Aquaria Glimsplash Playset review

There are little platforms for the Glimmies to sit on when they come out of the water, and a white ledge inside the lid that can be folded down to make more space for Glimmies to sit.

We really liked the Glimmies Aquaria Glimsplash Playset and Glimmies dolls to play with in the bath.

They are something a bit different from the kids’ usual bath toys, and as the kids get older they like to play with little characters and act out little games with them. They haven’t got bored of them yet and they’ve had them a few weeks (although I admit, we are not a bath everyday family).

I don’t know how long the battery life on a single Glimmie Aquaria is or how hard the batteries are to replace, but I will update this when they stop working.

Glimmies are suitable for children aged 3+ and can be bought from good toy shops or via Amazon using the affiliate links below.

We received the Glimmies Aquaria Glimsplash Playset for free for the purposes of this review but the words and pictures are mine. 

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