Dinosaur Lotto review: A family board game by Orchard Toys

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We absolutely love Orchard Toys, and have quite a few in our collection.

I like the simplicity of the games, the bright colours, the lack of plastic to assemble and the fact that they encourage learning and turn taking, even in young children. Our favourite to date is Shopping List.

We were really happy to be given the opportunity to review brand new Orchard Toys game Dinosaur Lotto.

It arrived just in time for us to be snowed in for several days so we got to test it thoroughly!


Aimed at children aged 3-7, Dinosaur Lotto is a memory and matching game for two to four players.

We already have ‘Dinosaur Dominoes’; a matching game for 3-5 year olds and it is very popular with my dino-loving son, so I thought he would enjoy playing this too!

Dinosaur Lotto Orchard Toys (4)

The box contains four boards, each made from two pieces which you slot together, and 24 small tiles as well as instructions.

How to play Dinosaur Lotto

The rules to Dinosaur Lotto are really simple.

Each player picks a board, and the tiles go upside down in the centre.

The youngest player starts by choosing and turning over a tile; if it is on their board then they place it on the square, if it isn’t a match then they put it back face down in the middle.

The game then passes to the next player.

If they know where a tile for their board is because a previous player has turned it over, they need to remember where it is so that they can pick it up on their next go.

The first person to complete their board and collect all six dino tiles wins the game.

Dinosaur Lotto review Orchard Toys

What did we think?

Dinosaur Lotto is easy for children to get to grips with, even young ones. The pictures are bright and appealing and the cardboard is really thick and preschooler-proof.

It will however still be challenging for slightly older children as each board is double sided to make the game easier or harder depending on the age of the player.

On the ‘easy’ side, the top half shows a dinosaur scene and at the bottom a ‘bingo’ card of six dinosaurs to collect.

If you turn the board over, the top scene is the same but the squares at the bottom are blank and you must refer to the dinosaurs on the picture to see which tiles you need to collect.

We only played on the ‘easy’ mode.

Dinosaur Lotto game Orchard Toys

Dinosaur Lotto is a really simple but good game for young children.

It’s a fun little game, it doesn’t last too long but it encourages turn taking and rule following; something my two have never been the best at.

It will be available from good toy shops or via Amazon using the affiliate links below.

Find out more on the Orchard Toys website or follow them on Twitter or Facebook.

We were sent this Dinosaur Lotto game by Orchard Toys for free for the purposes of this review but all words and pictures are mine.

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