Visiting France with the family: 5 essential tips

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France has always been a popular destination for family holidays, especially in the summer holidays when lots of families pack up their cars and explore the country. But however you travel to and around the country, family holidays can always be full of surprises.

To make the most of your time away together, check out our five essential tips for enjoying a family holiday in France:

Time your holiday well

First things first, when are you going to France? If it’s a summer holiday, July and August tend to be cheaper months as there are less business travellers. Whatever you do, try and avoid the busiest bank holiday weekends which can be found on this handy guide.

It’s also recommended that you spend 10-14 days in France, especially if you want to explore Paris plus one or two other regions. After all, who doesn’t want a longer holiday? It can take longer to move around as a family, so give yourself plenty of flexibility.

Try all the fantastic food

One of the highlights of any holiday is the food – especially in France. It’s the birthplace of the Michelin star, so wherever you go – even in remote countryside – you can find fantastic restaurants.

But you don’t have to splash out for every meal. You’ll notice a lot of picnic benches around France – pick up fresh baguettes, tasty charcuterie, cheese and a bottle of wine for the adults. If you’re wondering what cheese to try, the Secret Traveller says it really doesn’t matter. It could be stinky and oozy, or aged and sharp – all of them will be amazing.

Provence-Alpes-Cote D’Azur region in Southern France - Grimaud, Roquebrune-sur-Argens and Frejus - Cote D'Azur/Bay of St Tropez areaPlaces to visit in France with kids

Credit: Anna Brown

Pack in advance

Packing can be one of most stressful parts of a family holiday. Make it easier for yourself by doing a list early, including all clothes, a first aid kit and all those things it’s easy to forget last minute – plastic bags are one of our sensible suggestions we’ve made before.

You can use them for all sorts of things – storing liquids and transporting wet swimming costumes, for example.

Ask about the kids’ facilities

When you’re booking accommodation, make sure you’re thorough about what’s ‘child-friendly’. Depending on the age of your kids, your priorities will change. Specific include sleeping arrangements, and the proximity and depth of the pool. You don’t want to spend your holiday stressing – so it’s a good idea to spend some time going through the reviews and contacting hosts.

If you’re heading to a resort, check out the kids’ clubs too for some downtime.

Take a camera

It’s not always possible to get away with our families as much as we’d like. For any holiday – in France or elsewhere – make sure you take a camera to capture your happy memories. You’ll enjoy flicking through the photos when you have to return home.

Have you visited France as a family? Share your experiences and recommendations with us.


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