Why video games aren’t all bad for kids

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A lot of parents think that video games are nothing but a negative influence on their children. They worry that their kids will turn into couch potatoes or even worse end up speaking to some dodgy people online.

These are pretty sensible concerns to have – kids can end up sending too much time staring at a screen, and there are some risks associated with online gaming – however, there are also a lot of positives of gaming that make them pretty good for kids, providing they’re wells supervised and their time spent playing is moderated. In fact, they can be even better than traditional toys and games in some cases.

Feeling sceptical?

Here are just some of the benefits kids can get from playing video games:

They improve coordination

Whether you want to be the hero of your own adventure in FF15 or you, love creating intricate buildings in Minecraft, playing computer games can be really good for your coordination, whether you’re and adult or a child. It makes sense really because you have to sync your physical and visual movements quite a lot to ‘win’ a game. So, if your child isn’t the best coordinated, try playing a few fun computer games with them!

They increase problem solving capability

Being able to solve problems is a pretty important part of day to day life, whether you’re a toddler, a teenager or a fully-fledged adult at work. You see, games have rules and puzzles and you often can’t progress if you are unable to solve the puzzles within the rules. This can teach kids some valuable lessons that will be really useful to them in the real world.

They can build bonds

Why Video Games Aren't All Bad for Kids

If you have a child, who’s into computer games, instead of always putting their hobby down and making out like it’s a waste of time get involved in it with them. Sure, you might not get as much out of playing Call of Duty or Rocket League as they obviously do, but if they see that you value the things they do, and you’re willing to learn more about  them, it helps to build bonds Obviously, you shouldn’t just let them play with impunity – make sure they get up and out doing other things too – but in moderation, it can be a great way to get to know your child even better, especially when they get older.

They can be good teachers

If you’re not into computer games, you probably think that they’re all about mindless violence and pointless messing around, but there are lots of great games, such as Minecraft (creativity), KerbalSpace Program (Physics) and Reader Rabbit (Literacy) that really do teach your kids things. Let them play these, and they’ll be even smarter than they are now!

They boost attention and concentration

Does your child find it hard to concentrate? Does their attention fly from one thing to another faster than an F1 racer goes around a track? Let them play a video game that they enjoy and which has lots of objectives to meet, and it will help them to focus more. Eventually, they will build up their levels of concentration and attention, so that it has benefits in the real world too.

Time to play some video games?

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