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Every second post on my local mums’ Facebook forum seems to be someone seeking out the Casdon Dyson Ball hoover toy.

It’s popularly touted as the best kid’s toy vacuum cleaner.

We were sent one to review, so we put it to the test to see if it sucked…

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy Hoover (41)

Part of the Little Helpers range, the Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum is a sturdy plastic replica of a real Dyson Ball Vaccum.

The exact one we used to have, in fact. It comes in two parts, the body and the handle, which click together.

To make it realistic for little people, it has vacuum cleaner sounds and coloured balls which whip round inside the cylinder in a cyclone action, just like a real Dyson collecting (colourful) dust.

Best of all, it has a sucking action so your little happy helper can pick up dust and debris for themselves. You get this out by pushing it in, and out it pops.

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy Hoover (41)

Although I’ve yet to see anything actually coming out of the little dust compartment, it’s a nice touch.

It has two on/off buttons; one at the back which controls the suction…

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy Hoover (41)

and one on the top (where the real button is on a Dyson) which operates the swirling beads.

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy Hoover (41)

It is quite power-heavy requiring 4xC batteries to run the cyclone and the sucking action.

Verdict on the Casdon Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner toy hoover

The Casdon Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner can stand up on its own when clicked into place but this (apparently) is beyond my children who prefer to leave it lying in the middle of the floor.

It’s quite a big toy at 63cm high, being a scale model of the real deal, so only buy one if you have somewhere our of the way to keep it because once it’s put together you can’t take it back apart for storage.

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy Hoover (41)

The toy is easy to push, just like the real Dyson Ball it twists around corners, and is really fun to play with. Just the kind of thing that my two have enjoyed arguing over.

Although suitable for age 3+ will appeal to younger children who will be able to push it along easily if supervised. In fact if your child is scared of the vacuum cleaner it might be the perfect solution to get them feeling a bit more comfortable with it.

I hate hoovering and if I could I would gladly outsource. With the Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner you can teach your children to tidy up and be helpful around the house just like mummy/daddy/the cleaner (a girl can dream) ready for the day when you can hand your own hoover over. Living the dream!

Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Toy Hoover (41)

The Casdon Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner has an RRP of £17.99 and can be bought from most good toy shops including Amazon using the affiliate link below.

You can find out more about the Little Helpers range on the Casdon website. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook for updates.


We received this Dyson Ball toy hoover free for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are my own. 

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