Styling tricks and tips to boost the saleability of your home


Selling your home can be a nightmare, especially when you have kids running about the place. Let’s face it, kids come with a lot of chaos and it’s not really conducive to a good viewing experience.

If you’ve decided it’s time to sell your family home, you may be wondering how on earth you’re going to get through this stressful period and keep your home presentable for viewings. Not to worry! Send your kids to their grandparents and try these styling tricks that could boost your home’s value and make it more appealing to buyers…

Turn on the lights

We all know that having a brighter home can make it feel more spacious, which means that it’s a great trick when selling. Before booking a valuation with an estate agent, having photos taken, or conducting viewings, pull curtains away from windows to increase natural light. It’s also a good idea to use lamps – even during the day – to illuminate dark corners and add to your home’s ambience. Plus, it’s toddler proof. Hurrah!

Make it neutral

Lighter colours are more appealing to buyers, although they’re not always very child-friendly. Does anyone else have a tin of paint on-hand for touch-ups?! But if you can, try to lighten up your home’s interior, as it could help to boost value.

Take this one step further and make your home person-neutral. This basically just means staging your home, so anyone can visualise living there. Although this isn’t completely possible with kids – there’s always going to be a rogue toy stuffed somewhere – hide away photos and personal possessions where you can.

Styling Tricks and Tips to Boost the saleability of Your Home

Display mirrors and artwork

After removing your personal items, your home might feel a bit bare. To increase value and help it to sell, you want to create a lifestyle. But how do you do this with kids?

The simple solution is mirrors and artwork. They can add the finishing touch while being out of reach for little hands and fingers. To make the most of them, hang mirrors opposite windows to increase light, or use artwork to create a feature wall above a fireplace or bed.

Organise your cupboards

When you have kids, it can be tempting to quickly stuff things into cupboards. I’m sure I’m not the only mum guilty of this! But if your storage spaces are built-in, then chances are, buyers are going to look. After all, storage is a huge selling point, especially for families.

Don’t panic! Add opaque storage boxes that hide everything away, use hanging cupboard organisers for shoes, or put hooks on the backs of doors to increase space.

Have you got kids and managed to successfully sell your home? Got any more secrets? Share in the comments below!


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