Paddington 60-piece Giant Floor Puzzle review

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My smallest has recently become a jigsaw puzzle fiend; I’ve never seen him sit still and concentrate as well before, and it’s definitely something I want to encourage.

With that in mind I contacted the maker of his favourite PJ Masks puzzle, Ravensburger.

They kindly agreed to send us a Paddington Giant Floor Puzzle for review.

Ravensburger Giant Floor Puzzle Paddington (1)

The Paddington Giant Floor Puzzle comes in a large box and contains 60 pieces, each approximately 4 inches square.

The whole puzzle when completed is 19 x 27 inches or 49 x 69 cm – fortunately not as ‘giant’ as the name might imply and it will fit on a table top although it is best done, as suggested, on the floor… Which is what we did!

The puzzle is aimed at children aged 4+ Although he’s only 2, I thought my smallest would probably be able to manage it with a tiny bit of help from his sister, but it turns out she was really no help at all; jigsaws are not really her thing!

Ravensburger Giant Floor Puzzle Paddington (16)

He on the other hand determinedly whizzed through it.

Ravensburger Giant Floor Puzzle Paddington review

He didn’t even stop for lunch, although we did have to leave it when we went out, and he finished it off first thing the next morning, at which point he immediately took it apart and started it again.

What we liked about the Ravensburger Paddington Giant Floor Puzzle

Ravensburger Giant Floor Puzzle Paddington (29)

We love Paddington, and this jigsaw puzzle comes with a fun, colourful design showing Paddington writing postcards and pictures of the places he has visited in London, which we enjoyed because we could talk about the places we’ve also visited.

Because of the layout and different colours used it’s a nice puzzle to do together – ‘let’s find pieces of his blue coat’ or ‘let’s find the red edging’.

The pieces were a good size for the kids, and they were very sturdy. They wouldn’t bend without a fair amount of deliberate force so will survive small fingers.

The box is big enough to put the jigsaw away easily. I know this might seem a silly point but you wouldn’t believe the amount of games and puzzles that we have where getting the darn thing back inside the box is harder than the puzzle itself. This is not the case here!

Ravensburger Paddington Giant Floor Puzzle review

The Ravensburger  Paddington Giant 60-piece Floor Puzzle has an RRP of £9.99 and can be bought from good toy shops or via Amazon using the affiliate link below.

For more information, visit the Ravensburger website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter

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We were sent this Paddington Giant 60-piece Floor Puzzle by Ravensburger for free for the purposes of this review but all words and pictures are mine.

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