My Mermaid Lagoon charm shell and bracelet review

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The ‘My Mermaid Lagoon’ mermaid charm shell is a cute little toy for any mermaid obsessed child.

My oldest firmly falls under that category, so we were sent one of the new Interplay My Mermaid Lagoon mermaid charm shells, complete with mermaid Calypso, to review.

Last year, Interplay brought out My Mermaid Lagoon playsets complete with sand and accessories; these smaller and slightly cheaper sets which retail at £9.99 are more ‘collectable’ and (thankfully, to my mind) less ‘crafting’.My Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shell (2)

Designed for children aged four years and up, the charm shell comes with one mermaid.

We received the mermaid ‘Calypso’, who is about two inches tall and made of hard plastic.

Inside the pack you also get 30 beads, a metallic charm (in this case, a turtle), a stretchy piece of elastic with which to make a bracelet, a key to lock the oyster shell and two split rings (to hold the charm and key). This is to make your charm bracelet.

Reminiscent, perhaps, of vintage Polly Pockets, the mermaid can sit inside the oyster shell, which can then be locked with a key and kept in a pocket or bag.

My Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shell (43)

The key to open the charm shell sits on the charm bracelet which you can make yourself from the contents of the packet.

A child of four will need help with this – particularly threading the key and charm onto the split rings and tying the bracelet at the end. She definitely enjoyed this aspect of the toy, but my daughter loves jewellery and I would expect nothing less!

The bracelet in the ‘Calypso’ pack is white ‘pearl’, pink and green to match the charm shell.

My Mermaid Lagoon bracelet

There is even an extra hiding place for treasures under the mermaid’s pink seat; I’m not sure what a four year old would hide in this small space but it’s there!

Mermaid Lagoon Charm ShellOur verdict on the My Mermaid Lagoon charm shell is mainly positive.

My daughter loves it, in particular the locking mechanism and the bracelet. I expect the charm shell and key to outlive the mermaid, who will probably get lost along the way!

The shell locks easily and isn’t flimsy as I had expected it to be. The bracelet making is a nice touch.

The RRP of £9.99 seems reasonable for a one-off toy although I’m not sure that we would collect the whole set as then it gets expensive!

There are three mermaids that you can purchase; the golden-tailed, pink-haired Calypso, purple-tailed Storm and pink-tailed Serena. They each come in a different coloured charm shell.

You can find out about Interplay products on their website. Follow them on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

The My Mermaid Lagoon Charm Shells are available in most good toy shops and via Amazon using the affiliate links below:

I received this My Mermaid Lagoon charm shell for the purposes of this review but all views and pictures are mine.

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