Mother’s Day gift ideas: Lovely things and where to find them

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Mother’s Day is fast approaching. Whether you think that it’s a Hallmark holiday or that all mums should be spoiled beyond belief, you definitely risk being cut off if you don’t play along and get your mum a decent gift.

But what to buy as a Mother’s Day present?

Ask any mum what they want for Mother’s Day and they’re likely to say a lie in or a bit of peace and quiet.

Although I urge you to provide this if possible, as you (sadly) can’t buy either from Amazon, here are some brilliant suggestions of presents that I personally would love to get for Mother’s Day.

7th Heaven Top to Toe Treats

7th Heaven face masks: Mother's day presents - gift guide for mother's day present ideasI love this box! If your mum deserves to treat herself but expensive lotions and potions remain largely unused in the bathroom (FYI I am talking about myself here) then this box of ‘Top to Toe Treats’ from 7th Heaven is a fabulous gift.

It’s packed with twelve single-use face, hair, body and foot masques and lotions so that your mum can treat herself when she’s in the mood and discover new beauty treatments. The tin is pretty useful too.

My favourite was the Manuka Honey Peel-Off Mask. I love anything peely and it left my skin feeling really soft.

The best thing? It’s also a complete bargain at £9.99!

Find out more on their website or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Olverum bath oil

Olverum bath oil - mother's day gifts

Olverum is for mums who deserve to be pampered!

A beautiful aromatic treat for your bath, Olverum is a unique, highly concentrated bath oil containing 10 essential oils. Added to your bath Olverum can relieve stress, help unwind tired muscles and help you sleep – which I’m certain arethings on any mum’s wishlist.

Now all you have to do is give her an hour alone in the bathroom to enjoy it.

Olverum has been around for over 80 years and fans swear by it. I found it to smell amazing and provide a very relaxing bath. Close your eyes and you will be carried off on a spa experience. It’s also vegan and cruelty free.

You can buy Olverum in bottles of 125ml (enough for 25 baths) or 250ml (enough for 50 baths), via their website where the 125ml costs £29 and the 250ml costs £53. Follow Olverum on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

Earrings from Jewellery Box

Mother's Day presents: Mum's gift guide Jewellery Box

Everyone loves jewellery; if you’re stuck for a Mother’s Day present it’s a very good bet!

I love Jewellery Box and have bought gifts from them many times; they offer real gold and silver jewellery at really competitive prices. I chose two pairs of gorgeous earrings and I am so pleased with them!

The andralok leaf stud earrings are 9ct yellow gold, they cost £21 and can be bought here.

The heart earrings are stunning; they are Aurora Borealis crystal heart drop earrings with 9ct gold fixings and they are £22, here. They’re without a doubt the nicest earrings I have and so sparkly my daughter wants a pair for herself.

They have a tonne of options for under a fiver if you’re on a strict budget, and they dispatch the same day if bought by 4pm.

Follow Jewellery Box on Twitter and Facebook.

Hoogly Tea

Hoogly tea: Mother's day gift ideasTea is my very favourite beverage; above wine, even.

A good cup of tea can solve so many problems, and Hoogly biodegradable herbal tea bags definitely make a good cup of tea.

Hoogly Tea is a Sussex-based company founded by Danish Brighton resident and Hygge fan Tina. Hoogly is how you pronounce ‘hyggelig,’ the adjective of Hygge, which is a style of life dedicated to warmth and comfort. I loved the Apple Strudel and Chill Out Mint herbal infusions the most; they really warm you up on a cold day. The spiced orange was lovely as a before-bed cuppa.

The tea can be bought direct from their website in boxes of 5 (£2.50) or 15 bags (from £4.25). They are on Twitter and Facebook.

Wax Lyrical Scented Candles

Wax Lyrical candles for mother's day presents

I am a sucker for smelly candles and Wax Lyrical candles fill your house with an amazing fragrance; much better than wet dog and nappies.

When asked to select one for review, I asked for anything ‘fresh’ smelling and the Sea Breeze large glass candle jar (£10.99) and Fresh Linen boxed glass candle (£6.99) are perfect. They both smell divine!

I was also sent the GiftScents Mum 50ml Reed Diffuser which is like a Mother’s Day present and card in one! It contains the most wonderful, fruity, room scent. It costs £7.99 and can be bought here.

You can check out the whole range and sign up for the Wax Lyrical newsletter (which promises special offers!) here.

Wasgij jigsaw

Wasgij jigsaw puzzle Celebrity Chef - Mother's day gift ideas

Before I had children, back when any free time was not so precious, I enjoyed doing a jigsaw to pass the time of an evening, particularly in winter. Oh I know, I’m not ashamed, not even a little bit. It is something that I have resolved to start again; an evening away from computer and television screens.

I went through a phase when I got through Wasgij jigsaws ferociously. I love the element of mystery; you don’t know what the picture is as it’s isn’t recreating the pattern on the box but the scene which is being viewed by the character on the box.

I was sent this one, a 1000 piece ‘Celebrity Chief Chef’ jigsaw. I’ve made a start but nowhere near finishing yet so if you want to know what’s inside, you’ll have to get one yourself!

You can see the full range of jigsaw puzzles on the Wasgij website or follow Jumbo games on Twitter or Facebook!

Pyjamas from Great and Small Clothing

Pyjamas from Great and Small: Mother's day gift ideas

Although I definitely don’t wear them out of the house (#classy) I do love a nice comfy pair of PJs to veg in, and these rather foxy pyjamas from a mum-founded company, Great and Small Clothing, definitely fit the bill. They’re cute and perfect for round-the-housing and, well, sleeping in when I get the chance.

Great and Small Clothing make soft, comfy unisex 95% cotton sleepwear for adults and children. The Fox Tales set cost £29.99 for adult PJs and £24.99 for children’s PJs, although you can buy matching adult/child sets from £50.

Yes, you can even get matching ones for your husband and children! In case you were wondering, PJ twinning is absolutely fine.

They donate 50p from the sale of each set of pyjamas to the Rainbow Trust. Follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook

And, if all else fails….

Guylian Belgian chocolatesGuylian Chocolates for Mother's Day present

This needs absolutely no explanation. Most mums (or in fact people) love chocolates; show me someone who doesn’t and I’ll show you someone I probably don’t trust.

Guylian are the world’s favourites and as it happens, they are also my favourites. I can never say no to a Guylian Praline Sea Shell. They’re available in boxes of 250g (good) and 375g (better) and you can buy them from most supermarkets, even the late night sort, so there is no excuse.

For something a bit different, Guylian have also produced a ‘Master’s Selection’; 30 mini pralines in ten intriguing flavours including Raspberry, Earl Grey Tea and Caramel Pineapple (which were actually lovely despite what you might expect!). Something that is bound to divide opinion, but at the same time will have something for everyone… If you’re tempted to you can buy a box online on Amazon here.

You can find out more on their website, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook for updates.

Wine from 31DOVER

Bottega Rose from 31Dover

Also requiring no explanation, this very shiny bottle of Bottega Il Vino Deo Poeti Brut Rose not only looks smashing but you can order it to be posted directly to your mum!

31DOVER is the UK’s leading drink’s vendor offering a whole bunch of choice – not just wine but beer, spirits and liqueurs too.  They have cases of wine at very reasonable prices including a very tempting mystery box of six bottles for £39.95. This very Mother’s Day-suitable bottle cost £21.75 and you can get it in a gift box for £4.95.

If you’re somewhat disorganised they offer next day delivery, and delivery is free if you spend over £79. Check out 31DOVER’s website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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I received the products listed in this gift guide free for inclusion but they were all chosen and approved by me. Seriously, you should see some of the stuff I didn’t accept. An app for Mother’s Day? Arse cream? No thanks. I genuinely think that all of these things are fab and that there is something for every budget and every type of mum.

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