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Hopefully you have Valentine’s day ticked off and in the bag, and so it’s time to look to the next event on the card-buying calendar. And a very important one it is too…

Mother’s Day is on Sunday 11th March!

Seriously, whether you go in for it big time or you shrug it off as a way to get you to spend money, your mum deserves something. Do not forget, or be prepared to face her wrath.

A bunch of flowers is always nice, chocolates (as long as she’s not on a diet) or something nice and smelly. Can’t go wrong.

But what if your mum doesn’t go in for soppy and sentimental?

Love Layla Designs have you covered!

I am a big fan of Love Layla Designs; they print rude, inappropriate and laugh-out-loud hilarious greetings cards for all occasions.

Having had a sneak preview of their Valentine’s Day range this year, Love Layla kindly sent me some of their Mother’s Day range to look at and here are some of my absolute favourites!Love Layla - funny Mother's Day cards, wrapping and gifts - cards

*Sigh*…No one does listen.

I promise, Love Layla have the perfect card for you.

Even if you aren’t into the very rude cards, and you don’t want to offend your mum, there will be one suitable. Even for your mother-in-law.

I saw this one and I knew it was perfect for mine!
Love Layla - funny Mother's Day cards, wrapping and gifts - funny Mother's Day card for Grandma

Each of Love Layla’s greetings cards (which sell for £3.75 each) are made of good quality thick cardboard and come with a beautiful purple embossed envelope, and a coupon which can be given as a gift if you’re too cheap to buy a real present… (you probably should buy a real present though).

Tick as appropriate!

Love Layla - funny Mother's Day cards, wrapping and gifts - Card insider

I’d go for the breakfast in bed myself, but probably not made by my children.

Love Layla Designs also sell wrapping paper.

This one tickled me – would you face your sibling’s wrath to give a present wrapped in this to your mum?

Love Layla - funny Mother's Day cards, wrapping and gifts - wrapping paper

What about a badge that you can give to your gin-soaked mum, wear with pride yourself or perhaps gift to a mum-friend who deserves it and whose children are too young to celebrate yet?

Love Layla - funny Mother's Day cards, wrapping and gifts - Badges

Finally, I know exactly where this wine-bottle label is going!

Happy mother’s day, mum!

(It also covers up the fact it’s a cheap bottle, perfect).
Love Layla envelope - funny Mother's Day cards, wrapping and gifts. Funny wine bottle label 'Drink as required when the grandkids are visiting'

You can check out the full range of Love Layla Mother’s Day greetings cards and gifts here.

You can get 20% off at Love Layla until 12th June 2018 by using the discount code LOVEWINE

They dispatch everything first class the next working day (although come on, don’t leave it to the last minute. She gave birth to you, you ingrate).

How would you like win a Love Layla Mother’s Day Bundle?

You can win a selection of three Mother’s Day cards, two badges and wrapping paper in time for Mother’s Day!

Enter here!

Love Layla Mother’s Day bundle!

This is a collaborative post but views and photos my own!

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