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We were sent A Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station to review. Hexbugs are little vibration-powered robots that can move themselves across hard floor. Hexbug nanos are, as their name suggests, small Hexbugs. When turned on, they skitter along the floor on their rubber legs and, if you’re not careful, have to be rescued from under the furniture.

The best place to keep a Hexbug therefore to stop it escaping is in a dedicated Hexbug environment, and there are lots of different ones you can get.

For the little space enthusiast, this new Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station would make a great gift.

Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station review (2)

It’s a scary-sounding 55 piece kit, but it’s not actually as hard as it might sounds to put together. If you read the instructions and use the picture on the box as a guide then it can be done in a few minutes. And yes, I did make it the wrong way round but essentially it’s up to you how you lay it out!

Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station review (2)

Two of the 55 pieces are Hexbug Nanos, which even have little Hexbug space suits, and some of the 55 pieces are actually ‘space debris’.

There is also a vehicle (which a Hexbug can slot underneath to drive it along!). You can see it in action in our little video below:

The base is really three main pieces and some corridors. It slots together fairly easily, and took me about ten minutes to do with children being absolutely no help whatsoever.

Although it’s not huge, it does take up some floor space so the good news is it comes apart easily for storage. Just pop each piece out with a click, and because we know what we are doing now it will take only a few minutes to reassemble the next time!

The Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 10.

I can see how it would appeal to a wide age range; whereas a 3 year old will need parental help to put it together and enjoy the little vibrating bugs, a ten year old obviously won’t need help and will enjoy the building element.Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station review (8)

Once slotted together properly, the little Hexbug Nanos can move around the Space Discovery Station without escaping.

Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station review (8)

Some of my favourite features of the Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station were:

  • The little space suits for the Hexbug Nanos, which are really cute. This appealed to my daughter too. I can’t really put my finger on why.

Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station - spacesuit

  • The Air Lock, which means that they can go from one area to another safely by opening the doors one at a time.
  • The Rover, which can move along with the help of a Hexbug Nano hidden underneath.

The Discovery Centre 55-piece kit can be used alongside other Hexbug Nano Space toys and connected to other sets like the Cosmic Command to make one huge Hexbug space station.

Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station review (21)

Find out more on the Hexbug website.

We were sent the Hexbug Nano Space Discovery Station free for the purposes of this review but words my and pictures are my own.

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