Flush Force ‘Flushies’: The collectibles that come in a toilet!

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Do you have a child that loves toilet humour and everything gross? Don’t we all. They will LOVE Flush Force ‘Flushies’ collectibles.

What are Flush Force collectibles?

Flush Force are the newest collectible to hit the shelves of toy shops and supermarkets are the Flush Force from Spinmaster. They’re mutated sewer folk which come… in a toilet!  Flush force Flushies collectibles in toiletHonestly, the things they come out with these days.

Still, if your child is anything like mine they will find this new twist on the collectible trend hilarious and exciting.

How do you open the Flush Force ‘Flushies’ Collectibles?

You may well ask. First, unwrap the outer plastic, and lift off the cistern lid to reveal the leaflet hidden inside.Flush force Flushies collectibles in toilet

Take the leaflet out, and then fill the cistern with water!

Flush Force Flushies

Put the lid back on, shake it hard for a few seconds. The question mark will disappear (and turn into green slime! Lovely) then peel back the plastic cover on the toilet lid (this bit is tricky – I suggest an adult do it!) to reveal which Flush Force ‘Flushies’ you have – there are two inside each toilet.

Flush Force Flushies

If the water has gone a funny colour then you have a rare one. Ooooh.

Flush force Flushies collectibles in toilet

There are over 150 mini rubber collectibles to ‘flush’.

They are rated for rareness between ‘single flusher’, ‘double flusher’, ‘triple flusher’, ‘clogger’ and ‘unflushable’ and they have different finishes; some are squishy, some are metallic, others are transparent, colour changing or are flocked little furry critters. Some are ‘floaters’.

They’re pretty horrid looking things, as they are supposed to be!

Flush force Flushies collectibles in toilet

Personally I prefer the cute little Hatchimal CollEGGtibles (also by Spinmaster) but the children think these gross little Flushies are hilarious and they are so much fun to open, especially *cough* my little boy who is the more toilet-humour inclined child.

Plus the dollies now have some toilets to use so it’s win/win for everyone really.

Here is a little video of us ‘unboxing’ (unclogging?!) our Flush Force Flushies over on our YouTube channel:

Top tip: Make sure you open up Flush Force Flushies somewhere where you can spill!

Flush Force Flushies

Where can you buy Flush Force Flushies?

You can buy Flush Force packs from most toy shops.

You can also buy from Amazon using the affiliate links below – see disclosure page for more information.

For a single ‘Number 2’ toilet pack (which is what we have here x 2) containing two Flushies, the RRP is £2.99.

Also available are the ‘Filthy 5 pack‘ including one toilet and five Flushies (RRP £5.99), the ‘Flush Force Bizarre Bathroom 8 pack‘ which contains two toilets and 8 Flushies (RRP £10.99) and the ‘Flush Force Collect-A-Bowl‘ which comes with 4 Flushies and you can use it to store your Flush Force collectibles inside (RRP £14.99).

We were sent two Flush Force number 2 packs but were not asked to write this post.

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