Child in a small bedroom? Five great ideas for maximising space

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Here are some great small bedroom ideas and top tips for maximising space!

Recently we moved our smallest into his own bedroom. It wasn’t our intention, but it has worked out quite well for the time being.

However one of the reasons we weren’t going to do this in the first place is because the second bedroom is not very large. It used to be the master bedroom, but a large chunk had to be re-purposed as a hallway and a new stud wall put in, and as a result it’s now just about big enough for a double bed… but not a lot else.

Never fear though, there are ways to maximise space and make a small children’s bedrooms work.

1) Don’t bother with kid-sized furniture

Contrary to what you may assume, a standard wardrobe is probably a better bet for a smaller bedroom. It will hold much more than a child-sized wardrobe, and even if it has a a slightly bigger footprint, the majority of the extra space it takes up is in height, and it means there will be less clutter to home elsewhere. You also won’t need to battle with getting it out of the room when it’s outgrown in years to come.

A better idea for small bedrooms is to get the tallest wardrobe that you can fit into the room – but make sure you’re 100% certain it will fit first!

Corner wardrobes are also good for maximising limited space. If you have an odd-shaped room or sloping roof and are able to afford it then built in wardrobes can really help to make the most of what space you have.

We have these ones from Sharps built into our own bedroom, they go all the way up to the ceiling so there is no space wasted:

Shaker by Sharps: Small bedroom ideas

2) Use the walls and corners

If floor space is at a premium, then floating shelving for books and toys makes the most of what would otherwise be wasted wall space without making the room feel cramped, as solid furniture might.

Small bedroom ideas: floating shelves in a children's bedroom

This tutorial for floating corner shelves from Shanty 2 Chic is fab; all that space utilised which would be wasted otherwise!

If you’re not feeling the DIY, the some like these from Amazon are fab!Floating shelves

Putting them higher than kid-height means you can use them for things you don’t want them to get hold of; I always kept the changing items including Sudocrem up there and now our floating shelves are home to a nightlight and books.

Hooks on the walls or backs of doors for dressing gowns and thick jumpers, or a laundry bag, can keep them out of the way.

3) Take the bed higher

One of the best ideas for increasing the amount of floor space available in a children’s bedroom, and making it a really fun room to boot is to get a cabin bed, like a kids cabin bed from Children’s Bed Shop.

Cabin bed - make the most of small bedrooms - tips to maximise space in a small bedroom

You can use the underneath for storage, as space to play or as the child gets older, a desk for homework. Or you can go for a fully-integrated storage solution!

Cabin bed - make the most of small bedrooms - tips to maximise space in a small bedroom

4) Be canny with storage

It’s nice to have somewhere to sit and read a story, however a chair can take up a lot of precious space in a small bedroom.

A storage bench or a small framed sofa that you can slide storage underneath is a good way to create more room for ‘stuff’.

In our porch we have a variation of the Ikea Expedit storage bench hack; you can make a cosy version by covering a foam seating area.

This version looks super cosy. Follow the no-sew tutorial at Mommy Vingnettes. Note also the great use of wall space!

There are a million and one ideas over on Pinterest so have a click and get lost in a world of clever hacks and glue guns!

5) Keep it light

It’s a cliche maybe, but even if the bedroom is small, you can stop it from feeling cramped by being careful with the colours you choose. As a rule, light and neutral makes things feel airy and more spacious.

Blinds are better than curtains when it comes to making a room ‘feel’ bigger but make sure that they are child friendly and there are no dangling blind cords.

Mirrors are also a good trick for creating the illusion of space, and your baby or child will love being able to look at themselves too!

Do you have tips for making a small bedroom work? Do you have any small bedroom ideas to share? Leave a comment!

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