Birthday Blowout game review: Blow the candles out to win!

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As part of the Hasbro Toy Tribe this month, we were sent new game Birthday Blowout to review.

It’s a fast paced electronic game for up to four people aged 4+.

The aim of the game is to blow out the candles before the time runs out and the music stops. If you blow them all out then you move on to the next level which is even faster!

Birthday Blowout review - Hasbro Gaming

How do you play Birthday Blowout?

Firstly, you need to put 3 x AA batteries inside the ‘cake’ as these do not come included. You’ll need a screwdriver for this.

Once the batteries are in, place the five plastic candles inside the holes in the top of the cake. Press the ‘on’ button.

If there is more than one player, press the group button until the correct number of candles are illuminated (you can have up to four players), and then press the ‘on’ button again.

Birthday Blowout review - Hasbro Gaming

It plays a fairly loud (sorry parents! No volume button…) electronic version of happy birthday whilst it decides who is to be the first player by displaying a coloured light which denotes which player should go. That player then has to blow on the candles until they go out; they can pick up and rotate the cake to do so.

The ‘flames’ of the candles rotate when you blow against them, but you need to be fairly close.

My four year old could do it but my two year old couldn’t, so bear this in mind if your child has younger siblings that may want in on the game; it is aimed at 4+ and this is probably the minimum lung-capacity wise!

Birthday Blowout review - Hasbro Gaming

Some of the candles re-light in a modern twist on whack-a-mole, so you have to have your wits about you and blow them out again! If you manage to blow the candles out, you move on to the next level; the winner is the one who blows out the most candles.

Birthday Blowout review - Hasbro Gaming

Our verdict on Birthday Blowout

The game is easy to set up and doesn’t have too many pieces which can go missing; the cake base and five candles and instructions are all that you get in the box.

Birthday Blowout review - Hasbro Gaming

The way the ‘flames’ of the candles light up via the base is clever, as is the way that you blow out the candles. It’s a lot of fun for children who seem almost weirdly obsessed with birthday cakes.

The children loved the loud music and the flashing colours; it added to the excitement of the game. However, the lack of volume control is a definite minus point for me! To an adult who is basically anti all noisy toys (yea, I’m a total grump) the music was a little annoying and repetitive. I guess I could have guessed that from the box though!

The idea is simple and even a small child could ‘get it’ although they probably couldn’t physically summon the puff power to rotate the candle flames and would need a little help. It’s perfectly pitched at four year olds upwards, and I’m sure that they will enjoy playing with it.

Birthday Blowout from Hasbro has an RRP of £20 and is available from good toy shops or via Amazon using the affiliate link below.

We were sent this Birthday Blowout game to review as part of the Hasbro Toy Tribe. All pictures and words are my own.

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