BenQ WiT intelligent e-reading LED desk lamp review


When working from home as I do, especially during the winter when it gets dark early, you need to be mindful not to strain your eyes and a good desk lamp is really important. With that in mind, we agreed to review the BenQ WiT intelligent e-reading LED desk lamp.

BenQ are a brand I’m familiar with; our large computer monitor is a BenQ and it is pleasing on the eye (aesthetics are important!) as well as being good quality.

The BenQ WiT intelligent e-reading LED desk lamp is truly a thing of beauty.

With a designer look, the lamp comes in five contemporary colours; pink, blue, green, silver and gold.

We were sent the green BenQ WiT e-reading LED desk lamp to test out!

It arrived in a large box containing two pieces; the base and the lamp separately. It just requires screwing together and then plug it in and switch it on.

The base is solid and heavy. There will be no knocking this lamp over by accident!

The cord, which threads through the arm of the lamp, is 6ft long; long enough to reach across the room if required. It matches the colour of the light itself which is a lovely touch.BenQ WiT e-reading LED desk lamp review (33) cord

The lamp swivels on the base and is jointed in three areas – including a ball joint at the top – so that you can get it in exactly the right angle and as high up or low down as you would like.

Its highly durable torque springs mean that when you’ve found the perfect angle, the light will stay in exactly where you position it.

BenQ WiT e-reading LED desk lamp review - ball joint

The head of the lamp which contains the LED lights is a curved arc, which not only looks fantastic but ensures that the light is spread evenly across a 90cm area (around 150% larger than other lamps on the market) and as a result, no strained eyes!

BenQ WiT e-reading LED desk lamp review (9)

It is designed specifically for those reading on monitors, kindles etc and has more light on the edges than in the middle to combat glare, which is really clever.

Well it certainly looks the part, but how does the BenQ WiT e-reading light work?

BenQ WiT e-reading LED desk lamp review (21)

In what feels like something out of the future, you turn the light on and off by tapping the silver ring. The intelligent lamp has ambient light sensors inside it which detect the light levels in the room and adjust the level of output accordingly, optimised for screen reading.

That said, you can adjust as you wish; running your finger around the ring will change the brightness setting and twisting the knob on top also changes the light setting; from white light which is perfect for concentrating on work…

BenQ WiT e-reading LED desk lamp review (6)

White light

…to a much warmer light with a yellow tone, which is good for casual reading.

BenQ WiT e-reading LED desk lamp review (9)

Warm light

The light is stable and doesn’t flicker at all. According to the website, the bulbs will last over 17 years even if used for eight hours a day!

The light is great to use for work and I have also used it for for object photography.

It has been cleverly designed and is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. I particularly like how sturdy it is; it is perfect working from home around the children, as I know they will be unable to accidentally knock or pull it off the table. It’s a very impressive light and a good piece of design.

You can find out all about the BenQ WiT e-reading LED desk lamp on the BenQ website.

It has an RRP of £178 but is available cheaper online; you can buy the BenQ WiT e-reading LED desk lamp on Amazon:

Amazon UK :

Amazon US :

You can get a 10% discount from the list price by selecting “BenQ Webstore” /“BenQ America Corp” and using the code: BENQ10EF. Expires 31st Mar 2018.

You can buy additional  accessories for example a floor stand extension and a table clamp to go with it if required.

We received this item free of charge for the purposes of this review, but words and pictures are mine.

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