Star Wars: The Last Jedi Force Link Starter Set with Kylo Ren review

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The final item in our fab bundle of Hasbro Star Wars: The Last Jedi review toys was the Force Link Starter Set with Kylo Ren figure.

The Force Link Starter Playset by Hasbro is aimed at children aged 4+. The starter set comes complete with the Force Link (worn on the wrist as pictured below) which has an easily adjusted velcro strap to fit any size of child or adult, and and a 3.75-inch scale Kylo Ren Force Link-activated figure complete with lightsaber and removable cape.

It comes with demo batteries but make sure you have some spares to hand; it takes 3xAAA batteries.

Star Wars Force Link Starter Set review wearable technology on wrist

The Kylo Ren figure is poseable; you can move his arms, legs and head. He can hold his lightsaber and his cape is removable. He’s very sturdy and a good quality little play figure.

Star Wars Force Link Starter Playset comes with a Force Link and small Kylo Ren figure, with a lightsaber and cape

There are over 30 figures and toys to buy in the range. All of them can be used as toys just as they are, but they also make sounds from the films when used with the Force Link. Each compatible figure has the Force Link symbol on them so you can identify which figures work with the Force Link technology.

Star Wars Force Link Starter Playset comes with a Force Link and small Kylo Ren figure, with a lightsaber and cape

So what does the Star Wars Force Link starter set do?

When the figure comes into contact with the Force Link or is moved in front of it, it activates sound clips from the Star Wars films.

This can be a little bit sporadic in how it actually works – sometimes the sound goes off randomly however I’ve found that touching Kylo Ren’s back to the blue button on the Force Link activates Kylo Ren phrases and works every time.

Shaking the wrist piece and/or the toy and putting them in different positions seems to make different sounds but even after reading the instructions and trying it in several ways sometimes I couldn’t replicate the sounds I’d just heard!

My son is too young for this really, preferring the bigger Interatech Kylo Ren, My daughter is also possibly a bit young as it’s the one thing from the Star Wars bundle that neither have really continued playing with.

This may be because it mostly sticks to the same two phrases – “Show me again the power of the darkness!” and “I will let nothing stand in our way”. However I imagine if you had more than one figure (which ultimately is the idea) then it would open up a much bigger scope to play.

Having seen the figures on sale for under £10 each it wouldn’t be too expensive to buy a few more. They are sturdy and well made and even without the sounds would make a good gift for a slightly older Star Wars fan.

Star Wars Force Link Review Kylo Ren

You can check out the range on Amazon here. The Force Link Starter Set is available from good toy shops and Amazon using the affiliate link below.

We were sent this Star Wars Force Link Starter Set to review as part of the Hasbro Toy Tribe. All pictures and words are my own.

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