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I’m afraid that I really don’t get enough sleep. I’m fairly certain that my most overused phrase is ‘I’m tired’.

Lord, what I wouldn’t give for a good night’s sleep….

My children are usually the reason that I’m sleep deprived, however a friend recently bought a new mattress to replace their old one, and raved about how it had changed their life. It got me thinking that perhaps I could be sleeping better. You know, in those brief periods in between the times my kids wake me up.

You may have seen my bed in this post (do appreciate my quick DIY headboard cover job, please).

Our mattress, a very firm one, is now about eight years old, which when I worked it out is about 3,000 days. Or nights, really. OK so not all of them would have seen a solid eight hours (*sobs into tea*) but it’s still a lot of time spent on one surface.

Replacing our mattress for a better night's sleep with Bedguru

According to the Better Sleep Council, a mattress should be replaced every seven years.

With that in mind, it’s probably about time we shopped about for a new one.

But how on earth do you choose a new mattress to replace your old one?

Obviously the best way to test a mattress is to go and have a kip on it and see how you feel when you wake up, but not a lot of places offer that kind of service. Online shops can offer better deals but it does mean you have to make your mind up before you buy.

Enter Bed Guru, an online bed and mattress retailer.

To help you make a decision about your new mattress, Bed Guru’s mattress homepage tell you what you need to know about the different types of mattresses so that you can see what appeals to you.

On Bed Guru, you can choose your mattress by selecting the type, size (including a range of non-standard and non-UK sizes), firmness, and your budget, and you can sort by price or durability. The will then deliver your new mattress to your door within 14 days.

Our current mattress, which we need to think about replacing, was rated a one – the firmest of the firm.

Replacing our mattress for a better night's sleep with Bedguru -posturepedic Sealy pillowtop mattressAt the time we thought that was the best type, however according to the Better Sleep Council who do research on such things, it is actually a myth that a firm mattress is better for your back and actually you should go with the mattress that is comfortable for you.

Having surprised ourselves by sleeping well on an averagely firm bed when we went to Butlin’s it’s possible that we don’t need to be sleeping on something so hard, and perhaps a slightly softer mattress like a memory foam mattress, which mould to the shape of your body, would suit us better.

Bed Guru says that memory foam mattresses provide all over body comfort, promote good posture, mould to shape your body perfectly and relieve the pressure built up over the day. And you never know, it might stop the rolling over and aid the nightly snoring battle (my husband, not me).

And that would be a worthy investment indeed.

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