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During the holiday season with the kids at home, I took a lot of family photos. My only problem is that most of the time they stay on my phone or camera and I forget about the cute pictures I took. So this year, with my recently new found me-time, I decided to do something with the pictures to enjoy them every day.

Curious to find out what?

I like to keep the memories of the holidays and the family time we spend together alive and what better way to do this than to get the photos printed in original ways. With the ease of taking pictures with mobiles, I now have a large collection on my phone.

Fortunately, nowadays, the quality of the cameras on smartphones is very high, so you can often use these photos without problems to print in good quality. I also found a great website where to get original photo products made: Helloprint. You can easily design your own products online and directly place the order. If you want, you don’t even have to transfer the photos to your computer, you can do everything with your mobile.

Create a photo wall

What I really like is to get my photos printed on various materials like acrylic, aluminium or canvas and then hang them on the wall like paintings. This way you create a photo wall in your house and you are followed through your home with great memories.

You can also choose a photo on wood and place it in the cupboard or on a shelf against the wall.

For the children’s room I’d like to make a photo wallpaper, where we do a make-over of the whole wall and the kids fall asleep with happy thoughts.

photo wall

Design a photo book online

It is of course always a good idea to get a photo album printed with a selection of your favourite photos. A (hardcover) book is the perfect solution to make a lasting memory of the photos.

You probably know that you can easily and quickly compose a photo book yourself online and design it entirely to your liking. This way you can give a quick impression of your holidays to visiting friends and family. It also makes for a great gift for example to give to grandparents as a birthday present.

Original photo products

I just recently discovered some other original products that you can get printed with your own photo. What do you think about a pillow to relax on the couch with your family photo? Or beach ball tennis set, a water bottle or bookmark all personalized with your own photo? You can even go as crazy as design your own curtains and deckchairs. You name it and there is probably a way to get it printed with your own photo.

So, what are your favourite ways to enjoy your family photos?

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