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When guests first step into your home, are they greeted with a mountain of kids shoes? A sad looking umbrella and a tired old welcome mat? The entrance into your house reflects the rest of your home and if you invest a little time and give your hallway the TLC it deserves, the entrance to your home might just become one of the best rooms of the house!

The floor

There’s nothing more annoying than having to sweep and mop the floor all the time because even the tiniest fluff or speck of dirt stands out a mile. When it comes to a hallway, choose flooring that’s easy to care, resists moisture and hides dirt better. Have your thought about purchasing a new solid oak floor? Or, alternatively opt for darker tiles or something with a pattern to conceal minor spots, and balance it with light, neutral walls. For long, narrow hallways, consider a large-scale chequerboard effect. Classic chequered floors will always be trendy, and they will optically widen a slim corridor.

Think colour!

There’s nothing wrong in using dark colours in a hallway, but if yours is particularly small or long and narrow, do brighten it up with lighter colours. It doesn’t necessarily need to be white. Pale blues, greens, greys and beiges will work just as fine! Or paint your front door a bright, vivid colour!

Think wallpaper

As the ‘meet and greet’ area right next to the front door, your hallway is the first impression people will have of your home as they enter. The problem is that hallway walls can get grubby easily, so if have small children or a large dog that would shake off water after a morning walk in the rain and leave muddy spots all over the place, consider a wallpaper.

A large scale pattern will successfully hide finger marks, scuffs and other blemished, but it will also add character to your hallway. If you a choose a design with a white background and match it with light flooring, the print should not make the space appear considerably smaller.

Make sure you have good storage

Shoes, schoolbags and sport gear piling next to the front door are never a good welcoming message, and this is often the case when there are a lot of people living under one roof. Ample hallway storage is a cornerstone of a well-organized home, but a narrow hallway will look cluttered as much with full-sized pieces of furniture as with stuff.

The key it to invest in some clever solutions that look good and don’t take up the already limited floor space. If you can’t pack more furniture into a narrow hallway, utilise under stairs space with built-in custom cubbyholes, add narrow overhead shelf racks for bags, hats and scarves or turn old crates into cute wall-mounted storage boxes. The possibilities are endless!

Let light in

Glass panels in your front door allow natural light to flow into a gloomy hallway – or consider stylish hanging lights or a decorative corner lamp.


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