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Put your hair in the air like you just don’t care, because Trolls are back with a Christmas special, Trolls Holiday!

I can’t even count the number of times I’ve watched the original film or listened to the ridiculously catchy soundtrack so I was quite relieved to find out that the Trolls Holiday 25 minute special, voiced by the original actors Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake and with new (but familiar!) songs, was being released in time for Christmas.

We were so lucky to come home from our holiday to Bluestone not only to a nice warm house (and no snow) but also to a huge box of Trolls treats containing everything from clothes to chocolate!

So come on, what was inside?

First up, some brilliant Trolls clothes which are available from George at Asda.

We get the majority of the kids’ clothes from Asda as they are really good value (these start at £5) and last well until they’re outgrown and passed on. As a huge Princess Poppy fan my oldest was really happy to try them out!

Our favourite is this super bright and festive Trolls Christmas Sweatshirt which is in my daughter’s favourite colour with attached pom poms. Everyone needs a good Christmas Jumper!

Trolls holiday Christmas Jumper Asda

Smile for the camera! “I’m busy”

Also inside the package were two of this Christmas’ must-have toys, Hair in the Air Poppy and the PODular Trolls Tree.

Hair in the Air Poppy

Hair in the Air Poppy from Hasbro has 14 inch high hair which can be brushed through and styled. Her hair is set on a bendable rod which you can twist into different shapes; and as you do so it magically lights up and plays music from the Trolls film.

Princess Poppy Hair in the Air Trolls

She comes with a comb and removable crown. Hair in the Air Poppy also has a button on the front which you can press to make her say phrases and play music.  A fun little toy for Trolls fans aged 4+, it available via most toy retailers including Amazon via the affiliate link below.

Hair in the Air Poppy

PODular Trolls Tree

The PODular Trolls Tree is a bright, fun home for all your trolls!

Standing at about 16 inches high, once slotted together (so easy even I could do it) the PODular tree has hiding and sitting space for your entire Troll collection.

We have a fair collection of ‘vintage’ trolls (aka my epic collection from the 80s) which, luckily for me live at my parents’ but I fear they might come home for Christmas now they have somewhere to live…

PODular Trolls Tree #trollsholiday

The PODular Trolls Tree comes with four removable and interchangeable pods, one of which can be opened and closed so your trolls can hide inside. It also has three mushroom seats, standing platforms, as well as a slide through the tree, and a zip wire which trolls can travel down by clipping their hair.

PODular Trolls Tree #trollsholiday

The PODular play set comes with a Princess Poppy troll but more can be bought separately including these exciting troll blind bags which make excellent stocking fillers.trolls blind bag

We got….

Trolls Blind Bag

DJ Suki!

DJ Suki Trolls Blind Bag
Also in the bundle was a puzzle, some trolls chocolate bars (which I may or may not have eaten already… Just kidding, they’re going in stockings!), and two books;

Poppy Mane Mania

She can’t read. She’s four.

Poppy and the Mane Mania and Trolls Holiday the official novelisation which retail for £5.99 each.trolls books

Have you got a Trolls-mad youngster? What will you be getting them for Christmas?

Thank you so much to Licence to PR for the fantastic bundle.

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Princess Poppy

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