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Want to know how to turn off Chatty Charlie The Barkin’ Beagle?

You’ll have to release him from the box, turn him upside down and turn the on/off switch from ‘demo’ (middle) to ‘off’ (towards tail).

It’s really hard to do while he’s still in the box so you’re best off snipping the ties and taking him out of the box.

Chatty Charlie Off Switch

If your child wants a dog, and you really don’t, then Chatty Charlie the Barkin’ Beagle from the FurReal range by Hasbro might be just the thing.

Chatty Charlie the Barkin’ Beagle is a cuddly furry interactive pup.

He has over 80 sounds and phrases which he makes when you stroke him on his back or speak into the microphone by his collar.

Although we do indeed have a dog, my oldest (aged four) is apparently in need of a ‘puppy’ from Father Christmas so this looked like it would fit the bill. When we were offered the opportunity to review one we thought it would be a fab idea, if we could convince her he was only visiting and prize him away stealthily afterwards!

Chatty Charlie the Barkin' beagle

Charlie’s legs are poseable so he can sit up or lay stretched out, and he’s very cuddly!

For Chatty Charlie pup to make sounds, bark and speak phrases, he requires 4AA batteries. There are some included but these are demo batteries so may not last very long depending on how long he might have been on a shop floor for, so get some back ups.

As his name suggests, Chatty Charlie the Barkin’ Beagle talks a lot.

He barks and then his collar lights up, which ‘translates’ what he’s saying into short phrases (‘You’re awesome’ and ‘Wasn’t me’ in response to a farting sound seem to come up a lot!). Farting noises are absolutely hilarious to a four year old, apparently, so he quickly became a hit.

Chatty Charlie the barkin' beagle

I have to say here that I really prefer my children’s toys to have an English accent if at all possible as my oldest has started copying American accents she sees on TV and it’s really odd! Although I can phase it out quite well, Charlie is very American and if you feel that this would bother you, then it might not be the toy for you.

I apologise that this isn’t longer; I took multiple videos but upon editing it appears that I had three minutes of my daughter discussing how some dogs die (??!) and another video which was completely blurred (#totesprofesh) and as Chatty Charlie has now gone away to return at Christmas, so this quick one should give you the gist…

When he talks, he tilts his head from side to side and moves his ears about.

He can even cover his eyes with his ears playfully.

Chatty Charlie the Barkin' beagle

In the box, Charlie comes set on demo mode and because of this, sometimes goes off randomly.

You can turn him off via a switch on the bottom but it’s tricky without taking him out of the packaging (which you need to do carefully with a pair of scissors). Definitely worth doing though as it could ruin the surprise somewhat if he was around the Christmas tree!

Chatty Charlie the Barkin' beagle

We are currently going through ‘don’t brush my hair’-gate. Odd socks all her own choice.

You can buy the Chatty Charlie the Barkin’ Beagle, RRP £54.99, from most toy retailers including Amazon here. You can follow Hasbro Toys on Twitter for updates.

At the time of writing, you could buy Chatty Charlie for £30 via Amazon. This, I think, is a very fair price for what the toy does and I think that it would make a lovely Christmas present for a child aged 4+.

We were sent this Chatty Charlie the Barkin’ Beagle to review as part of the Hasbro Toy Tribe. All pictures and words are my own.

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