Welcoming a pet into your home


Pets are a wonderful addition to any home, they provide love and laughter and are one of the best decisions you could possibly make.

Unfortunately however, there are a few unavoidable hazards that pets bring and we’re going to break them down for you in this blog, and help give you some solutions.

One of the main issues of having a pet are the mess they leave behind, more specifically their hair! It literally sticks to everything from your floor, to your sofa, to your carpets, and even your walls! However you’ll find that particularly with solid wood flooring it’s very manageable and easy to handle. A wet mop will be your new best friend, and will gather up any loose hairs far better than a vacuum that simply whips the hairs round the room. If you are regularly brushing your pets this will also help, as it prevents excess shedding.

Welcoming a pet into your home 1

The next issue is scratching on the floor, unfortunately it is largely unavoidable.

It mostly comes down to pet maintenance, so making sure that their nails are properly trimmed, and ensuring you have selected a durable enough flooring that can handle the stress. I imagine reading about flooring handling stress sounds humorous, but high levels of traffic and heavy footfall can cause damage. A brushed and oiled finish hardwood is your best bet, it’s a durable finish that scratches won’t always show up on because it’s already ‘rough around the edges’.

Finally, and probably the worst hazard we’re going to look at is is little accidents. Unfortunately again they are unavoidable, especially in the early days whilst your pet acclimatises to its new environment. It’s important you work with your pet and don’t get angry as it is very normal, and after a bit of training sorts itself out! There is a very simple cleaning solution for carpets, a combination of vinegar and water sprayed over the area with baking soda sprinkled over the top will do the trick. If it happens on wood flooring, it’s important you clean it up as fast as possible as it can stain, a dry cloth is the simple and easy solution, or a quick mop.

Welcoming a pet into your home 2

We hope our guide has helped you, don’t let the small issues put you off getting a pet as they are truly magical and a wonderful life to welcome into your home.


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