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If you’re looking to start a family or you’ve got a tiny tot or two crawling around already, you most likely know how much work it can be.

From persistent care and attention to round-the-clock supervision, you’ve got enough on your plate without throwing hazardous environments into the mix. The real problem is that they find everything so interesting, especially if it’s spiky, shiny or has buttons!

Of course, we’re now entering that festive time of year where accident rates rise and potential dangers become more pronounced, so it might be time to make some changes in order to keep your baby safe and happy.

According to the Huffington Post, 90% of ER trips involving young children can be easily prevented – all you need is a little vigilance and creativity. Look at your living space through your baby’s eyes and consider what would be dangerous, intriguing, or both. Then you can take steps to appropriately modify your home in time for Christmas. You don’t have to make any major alterations either; just a few adjustments can go a long way.

The most important things to take into account are power sockets and cables close to the floor, sharp edges on furniture and countertops, stairs and other obstacles.

This is where a Handy Squad handyman within London can save the day.

A London-based handyman service equipped to handle all kinds of home-development jobs both great and small, Handy Squad can effectively baby proof your home in a flash, install stair gates, smooth those sharp corners, tuck cables and pipes behind a new skirting board, or even perform other odds jobs such as draught proofing your home in time for a cold snap.

Tesco adds that you should scour the bathroom for hazards too, such as razors, cleaning products and electric toothbrushes, as well as anything small enough to potentially choke on. They also advise that child proof catches be installed on all cupboards and drawers in the kitchen.

Mothercare asserts tripping hazards be eliminated and fingershields be implemented in all doors throughout the house, to avoid catching those little fingers. They also add that anchoring your furniture can prevent your little one from pulling bookcases and the like down on themselves once they get a little older, and that staying alert and on the ball can prevent any mishaps like fallen Christmas trees and tangled fairy lights.

There’s nothing more crucial than your child’s wellbeing, throughout Christmas and the rest of the year. Enjoy Christmas with your family this year the way it’s meant to be – safe, warm, and full of food.

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