Kiddiewinkles personalised large beach hut play tent review

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Kiddiewinkles make beautiful, high quality playhouses/play tents for children.

I saw Kiddiewinkles’ TeePee play tent voted in at Blog On Xmas as the overall winner of the Blog On Toy Awards, and it was easy to see why it appealed so much to parent bloggers. The play tents are really good quality and when I was given the chance to review a similar play tent I knew the kids would love it; I didn’t even consider how it would fit into my house before I said yes!

We were sent the personalised Large Beach Hut and Seaside Children’s Cotton Playhouse.

Putting it together

The frame is really easy to put together; each pole is marked with a letter from A-D and the instructions are simple to follow. The plastic connectors fit on without too much pushing, and when built the frame is very sturdy.

It should take an adult no more than ten minutes to put together as long as you have the instructions!

Kiddiewinkles Play Tent Large Beach Hut (10)

Putting the canvas cover over the top can be a little more tricky and I suggest you have two of you to do this! Once it’s positioned, pop inside the tent to velcro the  canvas to the bottom poles which keeps the whole thing in place and taught.

It’s very light and easy to move (although not easy to get through doorways; so make sure you construct it in the room you are going to place it!).


The tent, which looks (as the name suggests) like a big beach hut, is made of thick cotton with beautiful hand embroidered and appliquéd design details on every side.

On the front there is a door and two life-bouy windows. The front door is even personalised to whatever you’d like.Kiddiewinkles Play Tent Large Beach Hut (10)
Kiddiewinkles Play Tent Large Beach Hut (146)

Kiddiewinkles Play Tent Large Beach Hut

On the back there is another door.

Kiddiewinkles Play Tent Large Beach Hut (10)

The sides each have a lighthouse.

P Kiddiewinkles Play Tent Large Beach Hut (151)

It’s really lovely to look at; we will probably plan the furniture in the room around it because I’d rather look at it than the boxes of toys that will fit inside.

When I say that, I mean it; inside it is spacious enough for a LOT of toys, or maybe even a table and chairs!

Kiddiewinkles Play Tent Large Beach Hut (10)

Getting it down

It’s not hard to pack away and it fits easily inside the canvas bag supplied. Just roll it up and pop it in, no folding or stuffing required.

This means it would be great to use in the garden (although maybe not at the moment!).

What we thought!

The kids love it and have moved in, possibly permanently. 

It’s really spacious inside with more than enough room for them to play. In fact it wouldn’t fit into the front room so we had to get an extension built (I jest, we were getting it anyway… but thank goodness!).

But before you buy one, if you are thinking of putting it up inside the house I would definitely recommend you measure the space you have as large does mean large; the tent is 134cm wide, 110cm deep and 165cm high!

You might need to iron bits as they come out of storage; the wrinkles do fall out  of the main tent but the bunting etc may need a bit of help – we tried (OK my husband did. I don’t iron) but it wasn’t perfect. Not that the kids cared at all!

Sadly we did have an issue with the tent.

On the second use, we noticed once the cover was on that the applique had started to come apart from the tent on the back. 

This is such a shame; although it doesn’t affect the structure of the canvas cover at all and it won’t change the children’s enjoyment of the tent, we were definitely disappointed that this happened with light use; it is clearly a production error as the seagull on the front looks completely different in the way it is stitched.

I contacted Kiddiewinkles, who apologised and asked me to return the tent to their factory for investigation. They had not seen this happen before.

I have not heard of this happening to anyone else, so it is likely just bad luck on our part.  To my mind it is how issues are are resolved that counts; I am satisfied that the company dealt with this well and it has not put me off their products. These things happen (more than often to me).

Where to buy a Kiddiewinkles Play Tent

The large beach hut playhouse costs £225 and can be purchased direct from Kiddiewinkles here.

Obviously this is a luxury, handmade gift for a special occasion; it would be an amazing gift for two small siblings (or more!) to walk down to on Christmas day.

I hope that we will get a lot of use out of it; it will definitely suit the children for many years and I am sure that physically it will last that long as it is built on a sturdy frame and the cotton cover is thick and durable. 

The large beach hut playhouse from Kiddiewinkles and can be personalised to your specification and will be delivered free within the UK. A matching floor quilt and toy storage basket are also available.

Watch a little video of what we got up to in the Kiddiwinkles Play Tent!

The tent was sent to us free of charge, for this review. Kiddiewinkles can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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