What would I do if I won the lottery?

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After much talk about it, our extension is finished; hallelujah!

Kind of.

The builders are gone; we have our house back, however it isn’t quite there, yet.

Yes, it’s watertight, the building is all in place. We can live in it but there is a LOT of decorating and furniture buying to do before it’s ‘ours’; before it feels like home. Annoyingly but unsurprisingly, having just shelled out for an extension which has pretty much doubled the size of our home, we have been left with a lot of catalogues to flick through but not a great deal of cash.

So it appears that my dreams of stunning, good housekeeping-style interiors, with made-to-measure curtains, lush furnishings and luxury shag-pile carpeting are not just wildly impractical, but also a bit of a pipe dream.

My husband and I often have that conversation, once the kids are in bed and we are waiting for the takeaway to arrive. We look around us at the chaos and rather than tidy, or start some DIY we start dreaming.

What would we do if we won the lottery?

Would we abandon ship and move somewhere else entirely? To a huge house? Get a nanny and a cleaner and sleep for a week? Just go on one really long holiday? Be sensible, pay off the mortgage, and put the rest by for a rainy day?

Of course that depends on the kind of win, we say, as if it’s a dead cert and we are doing anything more than wishing.

We’re not going to be able to retire on the winnings of a scratchcard; no. £100k wouldn’t even pay off the mortgage, even if it is a fun, instant thrill. If we want to win big, it’s going to have to be the Euromillions, we say. With a hundred million, well. We could do whatever we wanted.

And so, we set out heart on winning the Euromillions.

LottolandWith a brand new Lottoland account, we registered, and within a few minutes we had bought some tickets for the Euromillions draw that very night, and were busy planning what we would spend our millions on. A nanny, definitely. Screw waking up in the night, that’s for peasants. Three weeks on an exotic island. Maybe just an island of our own. Each.

And do you know what? We didn’t win. Not a penny.

But it was fun imagining for a while, and there is always next week.

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  1. Lisa 5 November 2017
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