Christmassy cocktails with Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur: A review

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I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say that one of the things I love most about Christmas is good festive food and drink.

You can’t get more Christmassy than Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange liqueur!

Cranes Drinks, who I worked with in this post where I tried their delicious cranberry cider, have created a new Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur, which is just the thing to get you into the festive spirit.

Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange liqueur review gift box

I received a 35cl bottle in gift packaging to review.

It’s very pleasing on the eye, isn’t it? When poured into a glass, the liqueur is a beautiful pinky-red colour; just like cranberry juice (funnily enough…). It smells almost spicy and is too strong to drink neat (for me at least!) which left me wondering just what do you drink with it?

Worry no longer; on the side of the box are four cocktails which you can make with Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur.

Cranes Cranberry Cocktails

Having worked with Cranes before, I was invited along to a launch event for the new liqueur at which there were cocktails to try. Dutifully, I tried them all.

However I don’t feel like I made adequate notes at the time so I thought I’d make them at home for more rigid testing.

I can heartily recommend the Crallini cocktail for a bit of fizz.

cranes crallini

I love a Bellini and this is a nice alternative but less sweet. The Lemon Berry was lovely and refreshing (and went down a bit too easily, perhaps…).

The twist on the classic Cosmopolitan, using Cranes liqueur in place of triple sec (which I don’t have anyway), was also very nice and a favourite of my pal Erica at The Incidental Parent. I didn’t try the Espresso Martini as it sounds horrible (not a coffee person!) but I suppose if you like coffee, it might be a nice one to try.

As an alternative Christmassy cocktail, why not mix Cranes with lime juice and gin?

Top up with a dash of lemonade for some sparkle. Delish.

Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange liqueur review


Priced at £15 for a 35cl bottle in a presentation box, or £25 for 70cl, Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur would make a fantastic Christmas gift for any cocktail lover, or just to take along to a Christmas party as something a bit different. 

I was sent a 35cl bottle of Cranes Cranberry & Blood Orange Liqueur for the purposes of this review, but the words and pictures are mine.

Want to know more? You can visit the Cranes Drink website, or follow them on Twitter or Facebook!

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