Addo Play doctor’s kit playset: Busy Me My Light & Sound Medical Case Review

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If you have children’s gifts to buy, then the Addo Play range, which is sold exclusively in The Entertainer, is worth checking out.

I met Addo Play at BlogOn, where I was really impressed with not only the range of toys they had but also the price; the toys were around half the price of competitor products without being of lower quality.

We received the Busy Me My Light & Sound Medical Case doctor’s kit playset for review.Addo Play Doctor's Kit playset Busy Me My Lights & Sounds medical kit

This Addo Play doctor’s kit retails at a pocket-money friendly £10 (down from £15).

It comes in a sturdy plastic case, and inside it you get ten items:

  • Scissors
  • Syringe
  • Thermometer
  • Medicine
  • Vitamins
  • Badge
  • Tweezers and bowl
  • Light & sounds stethoscope
  • Light up otoscope (that’s an ear thingamy, and yes I had to look it up)

Addo Play Doctor's Kit playset Busy Me My Lights & Sounds medical case

I was interested to see how well made it would be, and whether it would last being fought over by my two little doctors.

We have a cheap plastic doctor playset.

In the set we already have, the pieces were much more flimsy and didn’t last particularly well, and the catch on the medical case snapped off fairly soon after we had it.

Most of the pieces in the Addo doctor’s playset feel a bit heavier, and the case seems more solid. I suspect that it will last longer than our previous doctor’s kit with the exception of the vitamin and medicine bottles which are very flimsy.

The Addo doctor’s kit however is at least £5 cheaper than the kit we have already.

There are some fun features to the Busy Me My Light & Sound Medical Case set;

The syringe and the thermometer are both sprung to give a more realistic play action.

Addo Play Doctors Kit (29) (Large)

The otoscope lights up when you press a button so you can look into your patient’s ears.

Addo Play Doctor's Kit: Busy Me My Light & Sound Medical Case Review

The stethoscope, when pressed against something (or someone) lights up and makes a heartbeat sound. Both of these items come with the cell batteries included.

Addo Play Doctor's Kit playset Busy Me My Lights & Sounds medical kit

The Busy Me My Light & Sound Medical Case is a hit with my two.

I’m happy to report that they’ve been taking it in turns to be ‘sick’ and using the kit in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways, and using terminology they can only have heard from Dr Ranj (but usually slightly wrongly. The small one refers to himself as a dotter, which is pretty cute). I’ve even been forced to be the patient. Sigh.

The price is fab, and it would make a great Christmas or birthday gift. The doctor’s kit is suitable for ages 3+.Addo Play Doctor's Kit playset Busy Me My Lights & Sounds medical kit

You can WIN  your very own Addo Play Light & Sound Medical Case here!

You can find out more about Addo Play on their website. You can purchase Addo products. exclusively from The Entertainer.

We received this doctor’s playset free of charge for the purposed of this review but pictures and opinions are my own.



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