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If you have a family complete with little people, it’s more than a good idea to ensure your bathroom has a universal design. A universal design is one that can be used by all people, from the little people in your family to the older and less able bodied. By incorporating smart ideas into your bathroom, you will eliminate the need for adaption and specialised design.

Let’s take a look at some of the things a bathroom for all ages should include:

A toilet lid lock

The toilet can present a number of hazards for children. Buying a lid lock will help to keep toddlers from falling into the toilet, and stop them from trapping their fingers in heavy seats. Aside from all of the danger, it’ll stop your little ones from throwing things into the toilet too, such as toys, shampoo, and other things you can find in the bathroom. It isn’t unusual for a toddler to try putting bubble bath in the toilet – and this can lead to chaotic results.

Easy grip handles and rocker light switches

Easy grip handles are great for those who have poor hand strength, or even those who always seem to be multitasking and constantly find themselves with their hands full.

Wide doorways

Wide doorways allow people to move through comfortably, whatever their age and ability level. Large items can also be moved in and out if needed. Rocker light switches are fairly easy to operate for all abilities, too.

The comfort factor

Every bathroom needs the comfort factor, so make sure you invest in accessories that can help to give your family a more comfortable experience. For example, you could ensure your bath has small rails attached suited to both kids and older adults. Look into a huge range of heated towel rails so that you can get out of the bath or shower comfortably too. There’s nothing like the feeling of being wrapped in a big, fluffy, warm towel after a bath or shower!

Flooring is another important factor when you want to make your bathroom comfortable for everybody who uses it. You definitely don’t want to have to deal with a super slippy floor when it’s wet. Water and tiles do not mix, so you should go for something that is slip resistant, like vinyl. Non slip rugs will help make stepping out of the shower or bath a more comfortable experience, but ensure they are truly non slip to avoid accidents!

Bathroom decor

Your bathroom decor can be anything you want it to be, but if you’re going to entice children into the bath when they would rather be having play time, you could make it more suitable for them with bright colours and patterned shower curtains! Special bath toys always help too – just make sure you only use these in the bath so the novelty doesn’t wear off.

Hopefully you can use these tips alongside your own ideas to create a bathroom that is suitable for all ages.



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