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Staccups by University Games is a fast paced family game of skill.

I played Staccups at Blog On with the wonderful Me, Annie Bee. It is the kind of game that gets very competitive very quickly, and if we had been feeling slightly less delicate from the night before it may well have escalated into a full blown fistfight, but I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know that our friendship survived unscathed and of course, I was victorious (sorry Anna).

The aim of Staccups is to get rid of your cups the fastest by stacking them, matching the base of your cup to the top of the cup beneath.

The game is for 2-4 players aged 8 and over, but I’ve only played as a duo.¬†

You have four cups of each colour, so 16 in total, stacked in their four different colours and placed in front of you. Each cup has a different coloured top which you have to fix on before you first play.

To play Staccups, you decide which side is whose, press the button on the base to decide which colour to start with and each place the correctly coloured cup on the base.

Then you have to stack the rest of your cups as fast as you can, on either side of the base, the only rule being that the colour of your cup must match the cup it goes on to. And that’s it! Yes it sounds simple, but it’s not as easy as all that I’ll have you know.

There are a lot of devious tactics you can use to win; if your opponent is using one side of the podium, then it’s easy to swoop in and confuse them.

There are alternative games; you can take it in turns but this is more a game of luck that skill! I personally prefer the fast-paced ‘as quickly as you can’ rules. Especially when I win.

It’s a really fun game, particularly if you’re of a competitive nature. It takes moments to set up and not very long to play, a few minutes maybe, so you can play several rounds. I think it would make a fab game for instigating family arguments over Christmas!

We received Staccups from University Games for the purposes of this review but words and pictures are my own. You can follow University Games on Twitter here. Staccups is available to buy from good toy retailers or from Amazon here.

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