The ten worst things you could put on your feet

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Any blog follower should be aware of my total fashionista status by now.

Over on Facebook I’m always sharing the latest must-have fashion items and so I’ve put together a selection of my favourite shoe finds from the Dafuq Is Dis Facebook group just for you!

Even better, every single one of these is available for you to buy with actual cash money. How good is that?!

So, without further ado, here are the worst shoes we could find on the internet…

1) Balloon flip flops

As summer comes to an end and the weather starts to turn, maybe you’ve been left with a ton of unused water balloons you just don’t quite know what to do with? Well have no fear, because I have the perfect solution for you, water balloon flip flops!

Guaranteed to have people’s heads turning (fair enough they’re probably wondering WTF you are wearing but whatever, haters gonna hate!).

Can’t be bothered to make your own? Buy some ready made ones over on Etsy!

2) Weird toe-socks

Want to wear your new fancy balloon flip flops all year round but don’t want your feet to get too cold? Well all your problems are solved with the stylish half toe socks! Plus there’s a bunch of colours available over on Amazon at a bargain price!<

3) Fish flops

Alternatively, scare the life out of everyone and anyone you come across on your holiday by wearing these ever so interesting fish flops.

Alternative outfit suggestion: wear them round your local supermarket and randomly stop to ask people what smells so bad.

4) Hamster shoes

Speaking of wearable animals, have you ever wanted to look like you’ve got hamsters on your feet? No, oh well…. then keep moving I guess? Or, head on over to Gucci and bag yourself these beauties for just 805 of your fine English pounds.

5) Open-toed boots

Maybe, just maybe, you’re all set for winter but you’re so put off by how sweaty your feet get in those ridiculously warm boots? Well don’t I have a suggestion for you! Cowboy boot sandals, all the style with none of the sweat!

Fondly known as ‘Redneck Sandals’ and sure to be the talk of the town, just team them with some double denim and you’re good to go. Can’t wait to get your hands on a pair? Sign up over at Tecovas Boots.

6) Ridiculous boots

Have you ever wanted to put on a pair of shoes and never, ever take them off again? I know I have! Well here’s your answer! Slip them on, lace them up and ta da! You’ll never be able to get them off again, at least not without a boat load of patience and maybe some scissors.

Buy them here for £88, £80 of that is to cover the cost of those endless laces…

7) Sandal socks

Maybe, you actually can’t stand wearing shoes and would rather never bother? Fool your loved ones with these handy sandal socks. They’ll never know the difference.

Note: they might notice the difference, best start wearing socks with sandals for a couple of months beforehand then switch when no-one’s looking.

8) See-thru shoes

Maybe it’s socks that are the enemy? Free your feet from ever having to wear socks again with these *cough* beautiful *cough* clear peep toe boots. I mean, you’d look totally ridiculous wearing these AND socks, right?

9) Grubby (expensive) trainers

The last time I ever found a pair of shoes I loved, I wore them until they were scuffed and falling to pieces but damn, were they comfy. Now you can skip right past that frustrating ‘new shoe’ phase and head straight to ‘how long have you HAD these?’ with these pre-scuffed sneakers.

And yes, that’s their real price.

10) I don’t even know anymore

And finally, be an icon in these statement white sneakers, or save yourself £380 and hand your kids a black a marker and some Primark pumps.

You’ve reached the end, but don’t fear! Dafuq Is Dis have plenty more shoe options for you if none of these quite take your fancy.

From double shoes to flip flaps (use your imagination) there’s something for everyone!

The ten worst things you could put on your feet A list of worst shoes (and socks) that we could find on the internet including fish flips, toeless cowboy boots and hamsters for your feet.

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