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If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that over the past four weeks we have been testing out the new fabulous HelloFresh Family Box.

In case you’re not familiar with HelloFresh, let me acquaint you!

HelloFresh are a subscription company which send out weekly recipe boxes. They contain everything you need to make each recipe along with step-by-step instructions, so that you can make delicious meals in your own home with no shopping to do, no wastage and no hassle.HelloFresh - Hello Fresh Family box review recipes

In a pre-child life we used HelloFresh occasionally and they were perfect for us; we went out to work all day and to be honest when we came home neither of us wanted to cook elaborate meals, and there were rarely the ingredients to do it anyway.

Now, life is slightly different.

It’s not just us that we need to cook for, but also the kids. Sometimes we eat together as a family but more often we eat separately; it’s just a routine that we’ve fallen into. The kids can be fussy when it comes to trying new and they don’t always like what we eat, and to be honest I’m not a very accomplished cook nor is my imagination for dreaming up new and exciting recipes particularly good.

When it comes to feeding them I’m stuck in a rut of spaghetti Bolognese and salmon risotto because I know I can sneak veg in, and I won’t end up feeding it to the dog.

HelloFresh have just launched their new Hello Fresh Family Box.

I was fortunate to be invited along to a special unveiling event with the CEO of HelloFresh, where a panel of expert speakers told us how eating as a family could help even fussy family members, so I was very keen to give them a try!

The boxes feed a family of four for up to four meals a week. The recipes are designed to appeal to all family members; they are all nutritious and tasty, and not too spicy. Above all they don’t require you to be a cordon bleu chef to make them; in fact the whole family can get involved!HelloFresh - Hello Fresh Family box review

We tested out HelloFresh Family Boxes of four meals over four weeks.

The boxes contained more than enough food for our little family and would be perfect for older children too or even a house of four adults. We had quite a lot of leftovers which was great for me as I heated them up for lunch! But nothing went to waste, and we definitely weren’t left hungry.HelloFresh - Hello Fresh Family box review recipes

I’ve mentioned before that the small one is gluten free. As the ingredients are fresh it is easy to swap out and replace specific ingredients; for example using gluten free pasta instead of the one provided in the pack. However if you have specific allergies and intolerances, the website tell you what is in each recipe and you can select what you’d like to receive based on that.

The variety was great.

It was nice not having to eat the same thing for days in a row, think hard about what to eat, or create a meal from ‘whatever is in the fridge’. Four days a week is a great balance as it gives you the freedom to go out, or do a lazy freezer tea or family staple on occasion.

Because we are all eating together, our routine shifted a bit. The kids have been getting to bed a little later than they used to but we don’t have to cook or eat once they’re in bed so the whole evening in ours to enjoy (/watch TV without speaking).It’s nice to eat together, and I can’t wait until our dining room is finished so we can finally sit at the dining table as a family!

Some of the recipes we tried I’d never have cooked nor expected them to eat…

I agree with the wisdom that children are less fussy and more prone to trying new things when they eat with their parents. Although I won’t pretend they ate everything, they did try a lot. Our favourites included sausage pie, chicken meatballs and creamy chicken curry and I’ll definitely be trying these again in future.

Is the Hello Fresh Family Box good value?

At £53.99 for three meals a week or £63.99 for four, the HelloFresh boxes aren’t ‘cheap’ but they don’t profess to be so. Personally I think they represent good value as the amount of food you get is, as previously stated, enormous!

We would usually spend much more than this on a weekly shop and then do top up shops – granted, it doesn’t cover all meals or desserts (Y U NO DESSERTS, HELLOFRESH?) or drinks, toothpaste, binbags and everything else I usually pick up at Asda, but I don’t think it’s a huge amount more than what we would usually spend and we have eaten like kings!

Although I doubt that our food budget would stretch this far every week, the HelloFresh Family Box would be the perfect solution for working parents who don’t get home until late but still want to enjoy a meal with their children. Maybe even cooked by their children and waiting for them on their return home… Ain’t that the dream!

My family is now a huge fan of the HelloFresh Family Box!

HelloFresh Family recipes- Hello Fresh Family box review recipes

Thank you so much to HelloFresh for letting me test out their Family Box free of charge.

This post has been written in collaboration with HelloFresh, but the words and pictures are my own.

You can visit HelloFresh for more information, or find them on Twitter or Facebook.

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