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I may be an absolute Grinch when it comes to celebrating Christmas at any point before December 1st…

But when you’re asked to Christmas dinner at Hotel du Vin Tunbridge Wells you don’t say no.

Due to its location in Tunbridge Wells town centre, close to where I used to work, I used to go to Hotel Du Vin for the occasional lunch, the odd coffee and even a few wine tastings.

Sadly for me, I haven’t been in several years. Kids have a habit of taking over, and stop you doing nice things like that for a while.

On a Wednesday, which just happened to be the day before my birthday, I ditched the kids well before bedtime and went off to Tunbridge Wells to meet with local bloggers Adam from Good Food Tunbridge Wells, Pantiles Lady, Ali from Muddy Stilettos Kent and Karen, the Town Centre Manager, to take on the arduous task of tasting the Hotel du Vin Tunbridge Wells Christmas Celebration menu.

It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

Quite frankly, after a week of sickness and (let’s not be dramatic, but two and a half years of) not enough sleep, I deserved it too.

After a bit of chatting over a glass of lovely New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, we took our seats where we were treated to Jerusalem artichoke and chestnut soup as a started. It was creamy, delicious and very festive.Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells (3) Jerusalem artichoke soup

We then sampled the main course of beef bourguignon with vegetables.

It was rich and cooked to perfection; I like beef which falls apart in your mouth and this was delicious.Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells (3) beef bourguignon

Finally, the dessert was brought out and it was Christmas pudding – of course!Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells (3) Christmas pudding

These dishes are all on the Christmas Celebration Menu which is available from the 27th November right up to the 24th December.

It can be booked in the Bistro for a small table or perhaps get the whole PTA along and use one of the private rooms. The Christmas Celebration Menu costs £27.95 for lunch and £32.95 for dinner, and includes three courses followed by tea, coffee and mince pies.

You can see the full menu here!

If you are still umming and ahhhing about where to spend Christmas this year (I haven’t even thought about it, but that’s not unusual for me…), Hotel du Vin Tunbridge Wells also have a Christmas Day menu. One of our party had already booked in with her friends who were coming over from Europe. I won’t lie, I’m quite jealous.

I’m sure it’s the perfect Christmas day meeting place for the child and care free who don’t want to cook (at least I’m the last one). It costs £105.00 per person for 3 courses including glass of champagne, followed by tea, coffee and mince pies. I’d probably pay that just to avoid the washing and tidying up.

Hotel Du Vin Tunbridge Wells (2)

Thank you so much to Hotel du Vin Tunbridge Wells for inviting me along.

I met some really great people and I had a fabulous evening, even if meant I spent my birthday slightly hungover…

Check out the Hotel du Vin Tunbridge Wells website here for more information about their menus and special offers.

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